What To Expect Going Forward

I keep getting asked what the future holds for SI Sports Centre since I stopped writing, so I thought I’d outline my plans here in the post so you have an idea of where I’m at and what to expect. A question I get asked a lot is whether I’ll be writing new stuff or not for Football Manager 17, so that’s a good place to start I guess but addressing that.

I’ll be honest here and say I’ve absolutely no idea if I’ll write or not. I’ve had a nice long break from writing but all the reasons why I stopped writing still exist and nothing’s really changed has it? However on the flip side over the past few weeks I have had some ideas of things to write about and wanted to write at different points. But I’m unsure if this is a good or bad thing and is something I’ll figure out. Writing is a lot of hassle at times, especially doing the stuff I write about as none of it is your typical FM post which normally revolve around a person’s saved game as they do seasonal updates or similar things. The stuff I write is more aimed at passing on the things I know and have learnt about the game and talking about different philosophies or concepts within the game and showing how they work. This takes a lot of prepping and I end up writing more than playing which just isn’t fun. So I honestly don’t know one way or the other at this point.

But I do have plans for the site. Over the past few months I’ve thought hard and long about what I was going to do and have gone back and forth a lot. At one point, I was going to close the site down and backed everything up as I thought that’s what I’d do. But after considering that, I decided against it and the site will in fact remain OPEN!

One thing that I wanted to do was promote good content again, something which I’ve always felt strongly about and is something that I’ve always tried to do. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been involved in the FM community a day or eleven years, if you have something to write or talk about then I’m happy to showcase those people. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but who cares? Someone will be able to relate to it if it’s good. So i’ll be having a heavy focus on guest writers again, this will be one-off pieces and some regulars. There is no pressure or commitments, if someone wants to write then I’m happy to host it for them on this established blog. Guest authors have always been a big feature of this site and going into Football Manager 2017 it’ll be the same. I’ve got some great people lined up already. And I am on the lookout for more, if you have something to share but don’t want the hassle of running your own blog/site then get in touch, all FM related content has a home here. Over the past two years I’ve had 33 guest authors which is an incredible amount!!

Some of the content you can expect to see will also be stuff that no-one else is doing because what’s the point of always doing the same stuff as everyone else? There’s a lack of originality across everything FM related in my opinion and some people claim there’s not a vast variety of doing FM things differently but I disagree and will be showing you exactly how.

Another direction we’ll be going is bringing you more ‘When Real Life Meets FM’ type of articles. These have been hugely popular when I’ve done them in the past and I still have a lot that I’ve done and never posted. Generally speaking I have a lot of stuff that I’ve never got around to posting and I have a fair few of these kicking around. But I find these pieces fun so I might (it’s only a might though) do some new ones of these. If you’ve not seen them before you should check the interview section of the blog to get a more general idea. Over the years I’ve spoke to a Principal Advisor for a Sheik, a top football coach, professional players and much more. When we interview them we put a spin on the interview and make them all Football Manager related in some way.

Last year (or it might be slightly longer, my memories not as good as it was) I mentioned I wanted to create a YouTube series but wanted to make it different to anything else the community had seen and stand out from everyone else. So I had a brainstorming session with a few real life friends (yeah I do actually have some, no really I do….no seriously…..) and think I found a way of doing that. When I ran Clear Cut Chance with Jad, we always wanted to bring it to life and make it a visual experience for special events  and to add something else to the magazine side of things. So I decided to focus on this and do something for the blog, sadly due to certain circumstances I was unable to share these at the time but I still have them and can post them now. I don’t know how this will be or when, but I want to build a collection of them first before sharing them as I want enough content to last a year or longer if possible while doing more. I realise I’m speaking gibberish here and not told you what I did yet………….

I went to a few football clubs and their training grounds and filmed six episodes all around 43-47 minutes long. In these episodes I spoke to the players and staff and got them to share their Football Manager experiences and I recorded it. It was really fun to do but at the time there was a lot of red tape to get through before I could get permission to post them. You’d have thought that by allowing me to go and film in the first place that stuff like this would have been sorted beforehand? Well apparently it’s not always that straightforward. The clubs I visited were all clubs you should know, they consist of one Premier League side, four Championship sides and one League One side (Nope not the Blades, try again haha). They were great fun to record and it was something lighthearted that would hopefully make people smile and get them watching. At some stage I’d like to finally share these with you and have it as a regular feature on the site that runs for a very long time. That’s why I want to record more of these first. So sometime after the Christmas period you might see the first one appear on the site.
These are just a few of the things to expect to see as well as much more than I’ve not even touched upon yet. Hopefully you’ll like what coming the next year and beyond.

10 thoughts on “What To Expect Going Forward”

  1. Really pleased to hear the site will stay open and you are planning to continue your contribution to the FM community.

  2. Looking forward to new articles of.when real life meets. It was the first article i read of ccc magazine, really enjoyed them!

  3. Great news.
    Can’t wait to see the new content.
    If the League One side was charlton then we might need a new manager soon so hope you’ve done your coaching badges!!

  4. Hey Cleaon!
    I always meant to ask, how do you have a life outside FM? I mean whnever I install it my thoughts just revolve around that all day, selection, tactics, transfers. I guess I’m addicted. So I don’t play it. Do you have similar problems?

    1. When you know what works etc then all that process is eliminated. I’ve not really played FM for years and struggle to normally do four seasons. All the time is spent writing about it or was…..

    1. I’ve not wrote anything new for the game at all. So not sure what you’re moaning about? Plus I explained in the article how I felt and at times I do want to write and then I remember how much of as hassle etc.

      Not sure why you keep visiting the site Lee, its clear you don’t want to see me write and don’t enjoy the articles. So how about do yourself a favour and stop coming on here. It’s embarrassing seeing you come on just to moan, critisise or have a go. Do yourself a favour and stop logging onto the site instead of stalking.

  5. hi Cleon, are you still looking for written material? I’ve got a thread on the SI forum which focuses on youth development in Romania and it involves discussion around the evolution of the tactical identity of the team too. Just thought it would be an interesting idea for a few people, please let me know if this is something you’d consider.



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