In this part I’ll touch upon General and Match training because they cause a bit of confusion at times.

The General training focuses you can train are:

  • Balanced
  • Fitness
  • Tactics
  • Ball Control
  • Defending
  • Attacking
  • Team Cohesion

All of the above focus on sets of attributes so lets break them down and take a look;

  • Fitness : Acceleration, Agility,Balance, Jumping, Natural Fitness, Pace, Stamina, Strength, Workrate
  • Tactics: Anticipation, Composure, Concentration, Decisions, Teamwork
  • Ball Control: Dribbling, First Touch, Heading, Technique, Flair
  • Defending: Marking, Tackling, Positioning
  • Attacking: Crossing, Finishing, Long Shots, Passing, Creativity, Off the ball

So if you choose a focus this means the emphasis on the attributes listed above will be much greater than normal. You’ll notice I left off balanced from the list, the reason for this is because it’s like a default setting and make sure all attributes have the same focus on all attributes with no preference. The general training module is great if you want all players to train a specific way for something you are creating and take a more generic approach.


On this part of the bar you can select to allow players to have a rest before/after a game. The bar also moves and the furthest left you go the more time is spent on match training. The further right you go the less time is spent on match training. There is 5 different settings in total and each move either increases or decreses by 10%. So if you had the bar to the far left it would be 50% meaning training between General and Match is split evenly. All the way to the right would mean 100% General training with no match training.

Match training

  • Tactics Only
  • Teamwork
  • Defensive Positioning
  • Attacking Movement
  • Defending Set Pieces
  • Attacking Set Pieces

These give you a slight boost for the next game. So for example if you are having issues with conceding goals from set pieces then you might want to work on this for the next game if you think the opposition pose a real threat from them. Or if you wanted to work on tactic familiarity then you’d choose‘tactics’ as the focus.

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