The Tifo Project Explained

A lot of you will have seen or heard about this already and some of you might not have. So I thought it would be a good idea to tell you a bit more about it, especially after the last piece I wrote on this idea;

Things have really changed and progressed since I wrote that piece a few days ago, so much infact, we now have people on the site testing how it works and to see if they can find any bugs. There’s been no real criteria for selecting how has beta access, we randomly selected 30-40 users and are always giving out extra codes daily. So if you are curious and want to have a chance of getting early access then be sure to follow myself on Twitter or the official Tifo account

What is Tifo

People keep asking what Tifo is and before I explain what it is, I’d like to point out two things. The site is not live yet, so there is no way you can register without an invite code. Secondly, the name Tifo isn’t set in stone but thus far no-one has come up with a more suited or better alternative. If someone does come up with one, then we would seriously consider renaming it. Almost all the suggest we’ve had so far have been really poor though!

So what is Tifo!

Tifo is a social media platform – similar in style to Twitter and is aimed towards Football Manager fans, although everyone is free to join (once we open officially). Free speech prevails & your user details aren’t shared with anyone. It kind of acts like a portal for all Football Manager content whether that be videos, blog posts or streaming. We’ve tried to cater for all types of content.

This is purely a community driven site and its focus it to fill a void that we believe the community currently lacks. While we have high hopes for this project and the current feedback has been brilliant, how successful this actually is depends on you and how you use the site. Hopefully this post can give you more of an insight into how it functions and explain how you can use the site.


Groups are a powerful tool on The Tifo Project. Used properly, they can keep your followers up to date with news that you believe to be most important.


Tifo revolves around Groups. Groups are for your blog, your YouTube channel or for your Twitch account. The idea is that if you run a website, you should create a Group for it and add all the relevant RSS feeds for articles, podcasts, YouTube & Twitch. Once done, Tifo will periodically check (between 1-2 hours, or every 5 minutes for Established groups) for new content, and automatically post it to your group’s timeline. Anyone that follows your group will see this on their own personal timeline, and those that have the Android app installed will see a mobile notification.


The creator of a group can promote/demote others to become administrators by going to the groups page, clicking Settings, then Members. Tap the blue icon to the right of a users name to toggle between standard member and administrator. As an administrator you can amend your group settings, delete group content and post as your group.


Obviously I’m an admin account on the above screenshot, so have access to all. But to give you an idea of what it will look like, the user account is your personal account obviously. Then the group one will list any groups that you have admin rights to.

Anyone on The Tifo Project can start a group. Give your group a unique name, handle and a brief description. If you add an RSS feed, The Tifo Project will periodically check them for new content, and post them on your group’s page without you ever doing anything other than the initial set up!


If anyone follows your group and also has the The Tifo Project app installed, they’ll receive notifications whenever something new appears on your group’s timeline. If you announce a Twitch stream, they’ll also receive extra notifications 5 minutes before the stream is due to start.

If you run a website, or an organisation, groups are more convenient and more powerful than running multiple personal accounts. With instant mobile alerts and by only posting important updates, your followers will not be bombarded with constant site notifications.
As you can see groups are an integral part of the site and once you enter the relevant feeds, it will always keep up to date when you post new articles, videos etc on your blogs or channels, without you needing to post them yourself.

Your Account

When you register with Tifo, we ask that you provide a username that won’t be confused with a group/channel/website that you run, and instead create a personal profile. Sometimes it’s nice to interact with the people who run the fan sites instead of talking to an anonymous person behind a site logo.

Anyway… once you register, you can edit your account by hitting the small cog at the top of your profile box (desktop view) or tapping the Settings option in the pullout menu (mobile view).

In there you can amend your account handle (your @name), your display name, email address, password, avatar, header image & your bio. If using the Android app, there is also a toggle option to turn mobile notifications on/off.


If a group you administrate has a valid Twitch account added to it, you can announce a Twitch event, letting everyone know when you are next streaming. 5 minutes before you start streaming, Android app users will receive a notification to give them a heads up, and the Media page on Tifo will display a red “Live Now” button that people can click on to view any Twitch streams that are live or are about to start. Twitch streams can be viewed on Tifo directly, allowing your viewers to discuss the event as it is streamed.


Tifo has a few scripts you can install on your own website, to encourage people to share your content, or to showcase what you’ve been up to on Tifo itself. We have a share button (you can also create your own to fit in with your sites design),  a timeline for users and groups, and the ability to embed a single status on your webpage. If you need any help installing these, let us know.

So what does Tifo offer?

Tifo on any device!

Tifo is quite an intelligent site, Dave has shown off a little bit here and designed the site so it can recognise the device you are viewing from and adjust the view accordingly. So whether it be a PC/Mac, phone or tablet you view it on, the way it’s viewed will slightly differ.

Write something down

Like twitter you can tag a friend and get hashtags trending. Also our rich text editor highlights your post as you type.

Make a connection

Follow other users that interest you. As your network grows, Tifo will begin to recommend other members to interact with.

Group together

Join or create groups. Link your podcast, YouTube, Livestream & article feeds to automatically post to your group and keep your group members up to date. Get notified with our Android app when a group you follow posts something new.

Be unique

Hitting the settings button allows you to change things like your avatar and header, and write a brief bio to tell us more about yourself.

Share with the world

Hit “Like” on a post to let people who visit your profile see what you find interesting. Hit “Share” to re-post it on to your followers timeline.

Stay in touch

Your notifications page tells you if people have been interacting with you while you’ve been away. By using our Android app, you’ll get notified in real-time when events & streams are due to start.
Those are some of the little things you can expect to see on Tifo. However we’ve not mentioned everything and there are lots of other little features too, that we’d like you to discover.

Be sure to keep following for a release date, hopefully you won’t be waiting long at all………..

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    1. Cheers. It’s going great in beta so far, lots of people have joined now, so it’s getting busier. Hopefully we can do a full release soon

  1. The idea is great and I can’t wait. But the name is not. The word “tifo” just doesn’t fit here, as it’s not going to be about ultras, flares, etc. stuff (which I also love by the way).
    Came up with few suggestions so far only one that I really I like:
    FM UNIVERSE – doesn’t need any explanation and I hope you like it.

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