The Santos Experience – So it Begins, Again!

Over the past few weeks I’ve not really played Football Manager, at least, not in the sense for personal enjoyment. I’ve obviously played the game but it’s been more for research and to get examples to show you for the latest tactical articles I added to the site for the ‘The Art of’ series I’ve added to the blog. Ironically, I created throw away saves for those as to not mess my own Santos save up because I was set up, to play a specific way. This meant that the squad building I’d done so far was very specific. I didn’t want to mess any of this up hence why I started elsewhere. But somehow my PC got infected with a virus earlier in the week and everything got corrupt. Now I know what you’re thinking at this point, why not have multiple saves, why not use rolling save etc. The fact is I already do all of that but everything became corrupt bar one file which is on a pen drive but the issue with that is, it’s from two season prior.

Starting a save from two seasons prior might not seem that bad compared to starting the game over. But for me it really is bad because I know the success I had in that time, how my players developed and so on. I’m not keen on replaying the time I’ve lost over again. So this left me with two options.

1 – Start over again as Santos from the beginning.

It might seem strange saying I can’t play the backup I have from two seasons ago yet can easily start over again. There are a few reasons why I can do this, I now have all the missing South American country edit files meaning I can have a much better expansive South American experience if I have all those leagues loaded. This will make the Copa Libertadores a lot more competitive too. Another reason why it would be different is a lot of the squad didn’t have set potential ability, so the players used would be different compared to the last game. Plus I’d be able to use a different tactic and squad build and develop players in completely different ways to the last save.

2 – Hopefully find another club on a new save that I can feel an attachment to and build again.

I’ll be honest, I struggle getting into any save game were I don’t have an attachment to a specific club. It’s the main reason I hardly ever do a journeyman save. I did want to maybe manage Sheffield FC the world’s oldest football club but the EEE update still isn’t out yet and looks awhile away. The downside of this is European football bores me after a while and I don’t like managing in England full stop.

So it basically comes down to do I start over with Santos and know I’ll be able to get into the save. Or start somewhere else in the hope I get enjoyment out of the game. I’ve thought about this long and hard over the past two to three days and have decided that I’ll be going back to SANTOS! I don’t see the point in playing hoping I stumble across enjoyment when I know I can achieve that playing with Santos.

On the plus side it means I’ll be writing about new things and new concepts, especially tactically. I will be using something different from the last tactic used and I’m leaning more and more towards using this;


Maybe not with those exact roles as I’ve only just created the save game. But this is the shape I plan on using as of writing this.
I just wanted to give you a quick update as to where I currently stand as lots of people have been asking for more of the Santos posts on the blog. What I will say is, that the next update will be worth the wait though as I have something very special planned.

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