The Santos Experience – Intro

Like a lot of people who play Football Manager I only really play it for the player development side of the game, this is what gives me the most enjoyment. The tactical side of the game is rather boring (for myself at least) and offers no longevity into a save game, it’s quite easy to get bored and lose interest. So for me to progress into a save game quite far I need something to keep me going and that is the development side of the game. I wouldn’t say it’s the attribute development I enjoy, I think it’s more about seeing the player progress through the ranks and seeing them score their first goal, then ten goals and so on. You could say it’s more the attachment to players and seeing them do well and break records that I actually enjoy. I know many of you will be able to relate to the player attachment side of things.

With this in mind I decided to write something new, I’m unsure of the frequency of articles as I’m playing at a more relaxed pace now so sometimes it might be days between posts and others it could be weeks or even months. But none the less I am writing something new and it’ll be about my usual save with Santos in Brazil. Rather than this be the typical type of series though I wanted to make it a little bit different as everyone writes about tactics and there’s a few people who write about development. So to try to be different I’ll be writing about the culture that I’m installing at the club all throughout the club and show how I squad build from the bottom to the top. It’ll mainly be player development driven but not your normal development posts. I’ll focus on attribute growth obviously but I’ll focus on how and why I’m developing players the way I am and showing the results along the way over many seasons (I hope anyway).

The tactics I use will obviously be very important as this will determine how I develop certain players, so I will be discussing those too. I’m just not sure if they’ll be any in-depth analysis of games. If I think it can add some contextual value to what I’m writing about then it’s likely I would write about them. If it’s just writing about them for the sake of it, then it seems a bit pointless. So I’ll play it by here for now.

What to expect?

Like I mentioned above I want this series to feel different to most others I’ve done so it doesn’t feel like I’m just covering the stuff I’ve previously wrote about all over again. To give you an idea of the style of articles you might see think of them along similar lines to the ‘Meet The………’ articles that I do at times but much more in-depth, informative and shows results across a longer period of time. They should also feature more comparisons because I tend to use players to change games instead of using team instructions, player instructions, mentality changes and so on.

As an example, it’s not unusual (I did start to sing a bit of Tom Jones then, did you?!) that I might use a role such as a ball winning midfielder, yet I might have three players I develop specifically just for that role that all play it differently. One of them would be your typical destroyer type that you’d expect while another one might be more an attacking midfielder rather than your conventional type that you’d expect. The third one might be something totally different again and might be more of a playmaker to again offer me a different interpretation of the role. The articles I write will hopefully reflect this and I’ll likely analyse and compare how each one plays the role different and explain why it’s a good idea to do this and show how I decide who starts which game. I do this for all positions not just the odd one, as I like variety and personally see no benefit from having like to like players. I like to use substitutes to influence game changes so having players who offer something totally different to the player he is replacing is of huge importance for me.

The articles I produce should be quite varied and different and give a real insight into how I run a club, develop it, instill a philosophy and change the current culture of the club to the long-term vision I have. I hope you all enjoy what’s to follow in the coming weeks.

7 thoughts on “The Santos Experience – Intro”

  1. Really looking forward to this series! It’s a testament to the quality of the game that everyone can find enjoyment in it, even if they play with completely different aims and goals in mind!

  2. Not only that a new FM is out today – now you announce writing again. Great day for every FM player 🙂 I always enjoyed your ‘Meet the…’ articles and gained a lot from them, so I’m really looking forward to everything that may come.

  3. Great timing. For fm2017 I want to look at tactics with a slower temp, more possession-based (bored of high tempo, pressing etc), so I’m keen to see how you develop your playmakers.

    1. People didn’t really help promote it when asked or get involved like they promised they would. So we decide to close it rather than be left with the burden. We only made it because people felt something was lacking but it turns out a lot of people just want to moan and not help with solutions to some of the issues.

  4. Happy to see there will be new content from you. Your posts about training on FM 14 are still my favourite FM thing ever.

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