The Santos Experience – Head of Youth Development

One of the most important things on Football Manager for me is my backroom staff, I need to ensure that I have the best staff possible for whatever finances I have available. It doesn’t matter if I’m in League One or the Premiership, I treat it the exact same and set out to get the best I can while staying within my means. I thought it might be a good idea to show you my process of assessing my staff at Santos then talk about where I might need to strengthen and why.

The Head of Youth Development

The most important member of staff at the club for me is the Head of Youth Development coach, he is an integral part of my plans. So it makes sense that I have the correct person in this position as he will have a direct impact on players development and will also influence future newgens with his coaching style and personality type. This is why as well as looking at his attributes you need to take into consideration his personality type as you don’t want someone with a bad personality here as he can pass it on to newgens.


That’s my current Head of Youth Development and he is okay but nothing spectacular. He has a balanced personality too which doesn’t help, he’s far too neutral and that’s not a good personality to have really. Well not if I want to save lots of tutoring time in the long run and increase my chances of newgens already having good starting personality types. For this reason I will be looking to replace him straight away.

But what are the important attributes?

As with all coaches the majority of their star rating is made up from these three attributes;

  • Determination
  • Level of Discipline
  • Motivating

So automatically you want to find coaching staff who have high attributes for these and this also includes the Head of Youth Development. Ideally you would also want high attributes for these;

  • Working With Youngsters – Pointless a HoYD if he has a low rating for this.
  • Judging Player Potential – You need to be able to trust his judgement
  • Adaptability (for foreign coaches to the country you’re managing in)

Now depending what level you are playing and what the financial situation is, the results of who you can hire will vastly be different. So what you do is lower the values needed for those attributes based on the level you play at. Someone with 10 in all the attributes mentioned will be poor for a Premier League club. However for a League Two club that could be really good. So when hiring people be realistic about the attributes and the level you play. I think sometimes people can overlook this part.

If I do a quick search on my game for staff members who fulfill the above requirements the game shows me these names;

Staff overview

I only have five staff members who fill the requirements and after checking them all individually, there is only one who would take the Head of Youth Development role.
This is the one who would take the job and is someone I can actually afford;


He looks brilliant on paper doesn’t he? At  £1.6k a week wages he’s also quite cheap which is a bonus. He has a personality type of Driven which isn’t the greatest but it’s better than the current head of youth development’s personality. A Driven personality type is made up from

  • Det 20, Amb 10-20

So it’s not that bad and certainly an improvement  and classed as an upgrade should I get him to agree terms. He does have a lot of clubs chasing him though so it might be hard. But I’ll do all I can to hire him.


10 thoughts on “The Santos Experience – Head of Youth Development”

  1. How about preferred formation? Would you hire a very good HoYD but with a preferred formation very different from the one you are playing with?

    1. I would yes. However long term I’d like all staff to have a similar formation to the one I use as their preferred one. That would mean I’m more likely to get the correct types of players coming into the club as newgens.

      But that really is long term planning and something that can’t really be achieved early on in the game.

  2. Nice. I can’t wait to see you delve deeper into ‘The Santos Experience’, and of course It’s good to see you back producing content again Cleon. If you keep writing, I’ll keep reading.

    Just out of curiosity apart from Brazil what other, if any, leagues/nations do you have loaded up?

  3. Hi cleon,

    For lower league teams which does not even have a single player in the under 18 squad will the head of youth development role have any effect on this?

    1. Well no because you have no players? He will still be in charge of bringing players into the club though via youth intakes.

    1. If I have no under 18/20’s manager I’ll give the responsibility to him. That aside the only other one he has is to bring newgen players into the club.

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