The Roles

I should point out that these roles and duties below are just what I use as a base and for some games the roles and duties might be changed. If and when I do change something I will be sure to let you know why though and explain the differences.


He’s just a standard goalkeeper and the only personal instruction he has is distribute to the defenders. The reasonings for this is that I don’t want him to kick it long or throw it quickly as I will be playing defensive so likelyhood is I’ll have majority of players deep in my own half. So it makes sense to take time and distribute it from the back where I actually do have players. If the ball goes upfront too fast then I’ll not have the bodies there to make the most of it.


Both my full backs will be vital to any attacks that I have as they are my only real source of width and will be the players who stretch the game and make intelligent runs from the deep areas. This is why I’ve made him a complete wingback, I need him to be ruthless in attack and use the full length of the pitch, I felt this role suited this style more than the others.


The exact same as above and for the same reasons. Both full backs are probably the most important aspect of getting this narrow diamond to work.


Both the central defenders are the same and both of them have the pass it shorter player instruction selected. The reasons for this is I want to encourage them to pass to the Regista rather than lumping it upfront or to the wide areas. I want this sort of play to be forced through the Regista who is capable of pulling off such moves. I want my defenders to be old school centre backs and don’t want them playing around with the ball too much if I can help it.


He is responsible for driving forward from deep with the ball and being the creativeness of the side from a deep area. I doubt he’ll get many goals or assists as he’ll be the starter of moves rather than someone who will be seen in and around the box finishing them off. The idea behind using a Regista instead of a defensive midfielder or anchor is that I already expect to be compact and hard to break down. So I don’t feel I need to be over cautious, which means by using a Regista I’ll push forward and he will be hopefully higher up to win the ball and better placed compared to lets say a defensive midfielder. This should hopefully ease some of the pressure that people associate with using a defensive strategy.

Box To Box Midfielder

I think this is a fantastic midfield role yet very underrated by people. It’s great if you have a player who is good all round and can be an asset in attack and in defence. Finding a player who can fulfil this role perfectly might be more tricky but its a role I want to use and have players who can do this role well enough for it to work.

Central Midfielder

Another great role that I use regular in almost all tactics I create. Hopefully this role will provide the running and be the legs that can get beyond the attacking midfielder and help the strikers out by driving from deep with the ball or by utilising the space that might appear before him. I’m hoping I can make him a distraction for the opposition and he will cause them issues with movement off the ball which will make the strikers job and the attacking midfielders job a lot easier.


The creative license high up the pitch, the player who will drop deep, push high up and generally just roam about. When he drops deep he’ll form a midfield three with the other two midfielders and when he pushes high he’ll be the third striker. It’s essential I have someone in the side who isn’t bound to positional strictness than I’ve adopted. This player should be hard to mark, create good chances for the runners from midfield and the strikers. He should be a real handful with his roaming and wandering between the midfield and strikers.

Deep Lying Forward

I’ve gone for a deep lying forward here in case the Treq is heavily marked or has a bad game, I’d still need someone from high up dropping deep to create space and drag the oppositions defenders deeper to create gaps between their defence. Not only that but even if the Treq isn’t marked it doesn’t hurt to have someone else create space or time for the Treq to either run into or to use in some way.

Advanced Forward

You always need someone to push the oppositions defenders back and keep them occupied. This is the role of the advanced forward for me as I have the other striker and the Treq all playing deep roles. If this was also a deep role it would make it easy to defend against as they’re wouldn’t be anyone close to the defence and making them think about things.

So the tactic with all the settings looks like this;

A few people who’ve seen this shape have been a little taken back with how aggressive the full backs and the defensive midfielder roles and duties are. Just because I’m being defensive doesn’t mean I can’t still have attacking roles. If I’m too cautious then I’ll invite pressure which will always be hard to defend against in the hope that I can nick a goal latter in the game. What I am aiming to do it create something that is defensive and solid yet at the same time when attacking causes the opposition lots of issues.

You’ll also notice that I don’t use many personal instructions for the players either and this is because I like players to play as part of a coherent unit and any changes I need to make I’d rather do via shouts, role changes or in other saves (not this one though) strategy changes. This is because its easier to change stuff quickly and be a reactive manager without it becoming too time consuming.

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