The January Transfer Window

I always get asked a lot about how I purchase players and what I look for, so thought I’d talk about the January transfer window.I didn’t spend any of my transfer budget at the start of the game as I wanted to see how things went before deciding on which positions I needed to strengthen or improve.

A new leftback was the first thing I needed as I only have one half decent left back at the club who is this guy;

I need a new Regista as I am currently using someone on loan at the club who is this guy;

I also needed back up for Jose Baxter who plays the Treq role;

And I needed a back up centreback who is better than this guy;

So I had almost £2 million to spend on four players. As I can’t scout outside of Britain I had to find some of these players by either trawling the transfer list, searching attributes on the player search or look at squads myself in other leagues.

First up was my new leftback. My scouts recommended him but I already had him shortlisted as I am a big fan of him and used him on quite a few saves. That player was Graeme Shinnie;

He cost me £600k and a 20% sell on. The reasons for buying him is he is young, still has some developing to do and is a better team player than Harris due to having better work rate. He also ticks some other boxes too with decent attributes for things like dribbling, crossing, corners, passing and technique. So with a bit of development I can make these higher and he’ll become a good player. Due to his age he also should have some kind of resale value too.

Next up was the new Regista that the scouts advised me to sign;

I’ve been using Conor Coady/Michael Doyle as the Regista as I didn’t have a better choice and both of those aren’t really suited to the role. So signing this chap will be a massive improvement as he is vastly superior to both of those players. He has great teamwork, flair and is more creative than the others. So he will be able to be a bit less predictable when attacking and is capable of doing things that Coady/Doyle might not be able to do.

I paid a grand total of £275k for him, a steal at this level imo.

Next we have the new Treq to rotate with Jose Baxter;

I paid £165k for this lad which was cheap, I snapped him up from Porto. He’s young, got good technicals and mentall attributes. He lacks physical ones but that doesn’t matter as the rest of his attributes should more than make up for that. Good technique, passing first touch, dribbling, finishing, creativity and flair. What isn’t there to like about this signing? He’s actually better than Baxter and hopefully settles very well because if I get promoted like its looking, then he will be a massive player next season.

And lastly is this young centeback;

I paid £130k for him. He’s not the best player but for his age and price he’s one for the future and a big improvement on Terry Kennedy. His mental stats should get better with age, he already has decent physicals and good marking, workrate, teamwork and heading. This signing is more about providing a bit of depth so I can rest my main two centre backs from time to time to keep them fresh.

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