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Around ten years ago myself and Caleyjag created a site for the very first Football Manager podcast (The Caley&Cleon Show). We managed to three shows before we called it quits due to time restraints but it was great fun.Since then there’s been a few others over the years and currently there is Football Manager Stories one and also FM Central do a weekly Monday show, both are really popular. But now there is a new one that has just started up and they released the first episode this week, the podcast is called Deep Lying Podcast.

It’s a podcast run by Ed Wilson and George Osborn. I’ve had a lot of interaction with Ed over the last few years and he is a genuinely nice guy and will gladly help you if he has time. He also has a good  reputation in the digital media sector, with him being a former writer for The Mail Online so I was expecting good things from him. George on the other hand, I didn’t know what to expect as I don’t really know him that well but from what I have seen he is a great writer, very opinionated and involved in a lot of projects. With them both working together I thought it would be a good mix for a podcast so I was excited to see what it was all about.

The podcast is a Football Manager podcast it claims, yet for the first opening seventeen minutes of the podcast I found really odd as they didn’t mention Football Manager once. Instead they decided to give their opinions of real world football. Now I have no issue with this if the stuff they are talking about is related to or can be linked to Football Manager but it wasn’t. It was just two blokes chatting about football in general, it seemed very odd to me and was out-of-place. Not a good start……

Then we hit the twenty-two minute mark and the podcast picked up pace and I began enjoying what they were talking about. George began talking about his saved game with Swansea and the players he had purchased and I was hooked. Finally it felt like a Football Manager podcast. When George speaks about his game you get a sense of being involved in it and he speaks so passionately about his side that he’s created. Add to this that Ed kept probing him about it, I felt the dynamic of them both worked well. It was done in an interview style, so there was no dull moment with them struggling to fill the time, it was very fluid and flowed great.

A little further into the podcast things took a turn for the worse for me, George said something really offensive to all Blades fans, he called Stephen Quinn crap! Sacrilege, I wanted to turn off at this point, he lost me as a listener for a few seconds :P.

A little while after Ed started a news football section of the podcast. Again it didn’t really fit the Football Manager theme that they have gone for, they just ranted for a few minutes about Liverpool and Steven Gerrard and Michael Owen. While I actually agreed with what they said, I didn’t listen to the podcast for real world football talk, I was drawn into it for the Football Manager aspect. If you’re to claim you’re a Football Manager podcast then keep it about that, if I want to hear opinions on real life football I’ll listen to something else.

I can’t help but feel that so far they’ve wasted a good twenty five minutes filling time due to lack of Football Manager stuff they have to talk about. I don’t see the need for it, the podcast is one hour and thirteen minutes long. Cut the jabbering out and you get a better product which is much shorter and can keep me interested longer. All this real life talk is making me really want to switch off.

After a while Ed swings the discussion back round to FM related stuff when he talks about his Brentford game. When they talk about FM it’s interesting and it flows. Both George and Ed are really good at speaking and give you a real sense of what it’s like playing their saved games. It’s also good to see them talking about players who might not be the usual signings for a team. For me personally it’s also great listening to Ed talk about his Brentford and how he had to win his game at home against Cardiff on the last day of the season. It really felt like his season was replicating real life and just how tight the Championship currently is.

When Ed is talking about his game, George has now turned into the interviewer and the one probing for the answers. It works really well and there is definitely potential in this dynamic they have going on. It’ll be interesting to see how the dynamic changes when they have guests.

The rest of the podcast played out how I expected. The issues I have with it are;

  • The show is too long for what they discuss
  • Too much real life football talk and opinions
  • I’d like to see more structure in the topics discussed
  • Regular features would work well and no doubt they have plans for this already

The good things about the show are;

  • Ed and George’s chemistry
  • When discussing FM aspects, both blokes spoke really well and came across good
  • It flowed, I was expecting lots of lulls and maybe them struggling at times but they didn’t.

I was impressed overall and it could seem I’m being critical with this being the very first show and I guess I am, but only because this project has lots of potential and I know the guys will keep improving. Is it worth listening too and subscribing? You bet it is, they’ve gained a follower in me, I’m sold. I’m already looking forward for the next show and some of the future guests they have lined up. Well done lads, you deserve a pat on the back!

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