The Analysis Tab

Watching the game allows for you to see what happened or what is happening but this isn’t the only vital tool we have for checking things. After many years of studying the game and the analysis tab I’m confident I can spot issues by using this great weapon. Let me show you how I use it.


By looking at this part of the analysis tab it allows me to see which players are taking shots and if I click the little dots I can view the shots back. This allows you to see exactly why a shot was missed or why certain players are taking shots. It shows you the full clip and a bit of build up to the move so you get all the info you need when watching the clip back.

In this game I was actually happy with the shots but was concerned by 2 shots from my right wingback. I was only concerned because he isn’t the one I want shooting as he should always have a better option nine times out of ten. But when I viewed them back they were both free kicks so that isn’t an actual issue.


The first issue I notice here is my goalkeeper and the amount of times he gave the ball away. So instantly I know for the next game I’ll specify that he must distribute the ball to the defenders in the hope we can retain the ball naturally and not give it away for no reason at all.

My players have quite a poor passing attribute and decision making, so I expect them to give the ball away. What I decided to do here was view some of the intercepted passes back and see why they were intercepted. I notice that for my right wing back he aimed for the striker quite a few times and got nowhere near him because my striker isn’t an aerial threat at all. So again for the next game I’ll look at tweaking his instructions somehow to see if I can cut that out. It’ll still happen to some extent but I can reduce it happening. Not sure how yet but it’s something I’ll update next time I play a game.


The way I’m set up and the way I play crosses aren’t really something we focus on. So I can ignore this tab but I’ll still keep checking it just to make sure someone isn’t having excessive amount of crosses as this would pinpoint a flaw in my set up.Crosses happen even if you don’t set up to use them that’s football, especially when a winger or fullback might see a quick opening and attempts the cross.


Everyone should be able to see the issue here?

After viewing all the headers back that Murphy missed the issue is crystal clear here and actually ties in with George Long’s poor passing ratio. He’s trying to find Murphy all the time when he has the ball. Hopefully this will be fixed when I instruct him to distribute the ball to the defenders instead.


I’m really pleased with these stats but I’ll still see why Lappin missed 50% of his. After viewing the clips back off the missed ones it’s quite clear that he is over reaching for the tackle at times. This could be due to me using the hassle opponents shout and is something I’ll look to correct for this player only in the next game. I’ll give him individual instructions to close down less in the hope it stops him over reaching for the tackle.


This screen doesn’t tell me anything I didn’t know already. But it can still be good for you to check them out if you feel you are giving away a lot of fouls. It can help you see why and ties in with tackling above sometimes too.


If you want to see the kind of areas you are intercepting the ball then this is a great tool for seeing that. It can help you determine if you need midfielders to help out more defensively etc. The players in my tactic who you’d assume would win interceptions did exactly that.

Scoring Chances

This is probably the most important part of the analysis tab for me because it allows me to view all the good chances back and I see why they are missed. By viewing the clips I can see some of them were good saves by the keeper. This doesn’t bother me though as it happens. What would bother me here though would be no scoring chances or poor quality chances (half chances). The more green dots the happier I am and I felt I had good chances in this game. I was actually unlucky not to score a few of them or the score could have been four or five nil.

Average Positions

I actually don’t pay too much attention to this part. I have a quick glance but it doesn’t really tell you much about how the game went or how it was won/lost. It does show the issue I mentioned about the centre backs though splitting too wide. This is the downside of using a half back and there is a bug where the defenders stay too wide on the split and hopefully will be fixed at some stage.


You can see who is making the runs/dribbles here on this screen. Having these runs help but if you play a passing game of any kind then these can be quite low at times due to focusing on possession. I’m happy with the amount of dribbles we did in this game so nothing for me to learn here.

This is basically it for the first game. Hopefully it will give you an idea of the effort I put into creating a tactic and the stuff I look out for during and after games. I will actually add some more stuff to this but it won’t be until after Christmas.

The things still to be added will be;

  • Changing stuff while the game is active
  • Breaking down stubborn sides
  • General in game issues

That’s what I plan on doing and I might expand it even more depending on time.

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