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Sheffield F.C – The Flawed Invincibles

In the last article I spoke about how I analyse and identify issues in my current setup and listed all the things I need to improve upon. This article will cover those changes and see how we fared over a larger sample of games – the entire season in fact. Continue reading Sheffield F.C – The Flawed Invincibles

Sheffield FC – Analyse & Identify

In the last article I wrote about the stats and the quick overview they give us with regards to tactics and explained how they don’t really tell you anything useful without adding the context of events that determined the stats. This is the article that will hopefully add that context. The stats did provide a bit of information though as we spotted patterns emerging in majority of the games and those were; Continue reading Sheffield FC – Analyse & Identify

Sheffield FC – Improving Quality

Score Lines in real life can be deceiving and the same goes for Football Manager too. The results don’t always tell you what happened other than what the final score was. This isn’t always a good thing though as you could play poor and score three goals, yet all three might have come from the penalty spot, been own goals and maybe even set pieces. So you need to be very careful when viewing results as they don’t mean you’re playing well. Continue reading Sheffield FC – Improving Quality

Sheffield FC – The 3-5-2

Due to this being a very lengthy series that I’m writing, there will be quite a mix of articles about the 3-5-2 and some will be long and others more short, almost like little snapshots. This is the first article in this series and is more of an introduction to warm you up for the more detailed analysis. Continue reading Sheffield FC – The 3-5-2

The Spartan Way – A Tactical Identity Journey

This is a piece written by guest author LPQR who is quickly becoming one of my favourite FM writers. His content is high quality and very informative. Give him a follow on Twitter at the above link. You can also check out his blog which is very much a work in progress at the moment https://fmasymmetric.wordpress.com/ Continue reading The Spartan Way – A Tactical Identity Journey