Stefano Denswil

Central Defender

Start of Season

End of Season One

Year 1 – He started the game with a balanced personality so I asked Moisander my defender to tutor him who has a resolute personality. I also gave him an individual focus for quickness and strength. I need one centre back at least who is very quick because I’ll be playing with a high defensive line, so if he makes a mistake he should stand more of a chance in recovering if he has the pace and acceleration to match. So I gave him a 3 month rotation on quickness and strength.

End of Season Two

Year 2 – Pretty much the same as above in terms of tutor. For his individual focus I put him on the same as above but also added positioning into the mix and changed it from a 3 month rotation to a 2 month one.

End of Season Three

Year 3 – Started training him as a central defender

End of Season Four

Year 4 – Still the same.

End of Season Five

Year 5 – Still the same.

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