Sheffield FC – New Beginnings

It’s been a shit few weeks in terms of Football Manager saves for me, first I lost my Santos save due to hardware failure and me not having any back ups elsewhere. Secondly I started a new game with Sheffield F.C and got about twelve games into it then realised the game had reset my database size and changes it to small when creating the game, something I didn’t realise at the time. So I’ve had to start it yet again! I’ve kind of lost all interest again with the game but I’m hoping this save with the World’s Oldest football club will get me back into it.

So why Sheffield F.C?

This side has always been my local non league club to follow ever since I was a little whippersnapper. Before moving up to the cold, wet and horrible North East I used to hold a season ticket for Sheffield F.C and used to go to all the games that didn’t clash with Sheffield United. On top of this I’ve also done some media/press work at the club and some of you might remember the stuff I did for Clear Cut Chance. Sheffield F.C are also recognised by FIFA as the world’s oldest football club, which is pretty cool. They’ve never really had much real life success with their best achievement coming in 1904 when they won the FA Amateur Cup and then in 1977 they finished runner-up in the FA Vase.

Those of you who have followed my stuff for a number of years will know that I often play as Sheffield F.C and have seen the odd FM related post about them from me but nothing for a while. This is due to me always playing them as a quick save where I don’t document stuff or write about the game. It became my little private get away over the years and something I could just relax and play. However this year this is likely to be the only save I play now, I did plan on doing this with Santos but can’t be bothered now I lost the save so thought I’d go pastures new and hopefully kick-start my interest in Football Manager again

The Plan

Long-term the goal is to be a successful club operating in the Premier League. This is quite some time away though and many promotions are needed in order to be able to do that. But I can start laying foundations towards that goal now and start building a club DNA from the day I take over. Just because you are a lower league side doesn’t mean you can’t start trying to play the way you want, you might have to adapt along the way ever so slightly but that’s expected. Remember that the idea you have in your head is the end goal and is what you work towards, I think this gets lost in the Football Manager community at times and people expect to instantly start playing with the end product, which very rarely happens.

Part of the club philosophy and DNA i’ll be creating is the use of a 3-5-2 formation or should I say 5-3-2 wingbacks in Football Manager terms. I did plan on using the 3-4-3 I wrote about last year in the ‘Art of Attacking Football’ series I wrote but then I felt like I’d just be covering old ground again and I like to keep things fresh tactically. That’s why I’ll be writing about the 3-5-2 in great detail, I’ve wrote a giant article about this already for this new series that I started yesterday so hopefully I’ll post that up in the next few days.

This will include how I adapt it as we hopefully progress through the leagues and bring better players into the squad. It will also go into great detail with the analysis I’ll be doing and this will likely be a very complete guide to everything 3-5-2 related. I’ll be focusing on the strengths and weakness of the system and showing examples as to why it happen. The plan is also to show how it plays against each different formation I play against during the many seasons.

On top of all this the series will also be a youth development one and show how I deal with training and player development when I’m a small part-time club compared to a giant powerhouse. The changes aren’t actually that drastic just more subtle I’d say but hopefully this will come across in the articles.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy what’s to come 🙂

11 thoughts on “Sheffield FC – New Beginnings”

  1. Ah man. I feel for you. Do you not use the cloud save feature for FM with steam? I’d recommend it if an option.

    Glad you haven’t lost the drive for the game after all that though and look forward to seeing how it goes.

    1. Normally I put them on USB stick as the cloud is limited with the space they give you plus I find it extremely slow to upload and sync so avoid it.

  2. Looking forward to this, like I do with all your work. More so because I’m using the same formation using two sitting midfield players. I’m struggling to score but brilliant in defence. I will be watching how you approach this tactic.

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