Season Review

My quest to win every single game didn’t actually last that long at all. In fact it was barely a month before I was held away at Rotherham 0-0. To say I was gutted was an understatement as I’ve never won every single game before. I’ve gone undefeated quite a few times in the league but never won every single game including cup games. This made me change my goals as the job now was to keep playing how I had been and to keep as many clean sheets as possible. While hopefully keeping the conceded figure for the league below 10. My second aim was to win both the League and FA cup while being in League One still. Like many others I’ve won the League Cup before while being a low side due to the Premiership sides playing weakened sides. But I’ve never won the FA Cup in League One.

This is how the league ended;

I managed to stay unbeaten and only concede 9 goals in the process. It wasn’t my original aim so I’m slightly disappointed I didn’t achieve what I’d set out to do with this save game but I’m pleased overall with how it ended.

Those are the player stats for the league.

League Cup

The League Cup wasn’t that bad, the draw was fairly kind until the semis, I managed to avoid all the big clubs until then.

The player stats.

The FA Cup

This draw wasn’t that bad either, I know I got Villa but I don’t think they have a great squad on FM so was always confident of getting a result.

The player stats.


That was always going to be the easiest for me to win out of all the cups.

The player stats.

All in all a fantastic season. Such a shame I couldn’t manage to win the FA Cup but I have a small squad and towards the end of the season tiredness really began to catch up with my players and The FA Cup was one game too far it seemed.I was totally outplayed in that final I tried everything I could to win the game but it just wasn’t meant to be.

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