Player Development

I’ll give every player here his own reply, that way its easier for me to update as I go along and can keep all the relevant posts in one place so its easier for the user to track development rather than searching through the thread to find the posts. Developing players is the only reason I still play the game and for me is the most enjoyable thing about FM. So as me seasons progress this section of the guide should highlight how I train and develop players with their role in my tactic in my mind. This will include tutors, PPM’s and any training I give them.

Remember that because I am focusing on individual attributes or roles that I set general training slider to match training 20% or less and give the players heavy focus for their role. It’s also important I leave it on balanced due to the reasons explained in the training section of this thread.

Mickey Van Der Hart

First up is my goalkeeper and its pretty straight forward here tbh because there isn’t much you can do with keepers.

Start of the season

End of Season One

Year 1 – The first thing I did was get him tutored with someone with a good personality type. So for this I choose my first team goalkeeper Vermeer who was resolute. I also decided that I would put him on the sweeper keeper schedule because I felt that would be better than individual focus for this player as he isn’t actually that bad already and with first team games should improve.

End of Season Two

Year 2 – I did the exact same as I did the first year and had him tutored by the same player again. The first tutoring session went well that’s why I decided to do it again. I also kept him on the same schedule that I had selected for him as I felt he was improving in all the areas I wanted him too.

End of Season Three

Year 3 – ​I put him on the sweeper keeper schedule.

End of Season Four

Year 4 – Still the same as above

End of Season Five

Year 5 – Still the sweeper keeper schedule

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