My First FM Book – Belmondo Year One

Over the past six or so months you will have seen the popular story by Matt Langdon – The Belmondo Diaries.  It’s become quite popular over time and has well over 150k views on the blog.  Well now, you can purchase year one of the Belmondo Diary!!

I remember Harry Kewell leading Liverpool to the league title in 2005. His play on the left wing was sensational leading him to bag the player of the year award.

Football Manager is good at providing alternate realities. And so it’s been in the last six months as I’ve been playing and writing this Dutch adventure with Belmondo, green pants, and Nijmegen. The experience has been what I’ve looked forward to as other parts of my life conspired to drag me down. It even led to standing at the N.E.C. training ground (pictured).


Now I am here asking you to buy a digital book comprised of the first year of my game. It’s available for free on this very site, so why would you buy it? I could tell you that I’ve edited it and added a bit more content. I have. But the truth is that if you’ve already read it, you won’t get an revolutionary experience by buying this version. So, why?

Because you’ve enjoyed what I’ve written. When you love FM content, you have many options to show it. Liking and subscribing on YouTube, sharing and retweeting on Twitter, leaving comments on blogs, donating on Twitch. This is just another way you can express your thoughts.

If I’ve provided any value to you in the previous 40+ entries, then I’d appreciate it if you bought the book and left a review. If you can’t afford the book, then a review by itself is just as valuable to me. And, of course, as with any other option, sharing is caring and commenting is … cementing?

Find the book here –

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