Markus Bay

Advanced Playmaker.

Start of Season

End of Season One

Year 1 – This players attributes aren’t great so due to this I know he will develop more slowly that the other players as he lacks any real stand out attributes and is weak across the board. I also lack tutors so was unable to tutor him and I actually couldn’t give him any first team games due to already giving other youths game time. So none of this will have helped his development and will have stalled somewhat due to the lack of tutoring and game time. I gave him the advanced playmaker individual focus.

End of Season Two

Year 2 – The same as above.

End of Season Three

Year 3 – Same as above.

End of Season Four

Year 4 – Still the same.

End of Season Five

Year 5 – Still the same.

He wasn’t really getting games for me so towards the end of season five I sold him for £4 million and 25% future fee.

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