Looking South on Canada

This is the first of a new series of articles from  guest blogger @FMAcidphire21. In this post he outlines his ideas for his brand new Football Manager 2017 save that he’ll be doing.

A lot of things come to mind when you think of Detroit. Cars, Motown, Bankruptcy and sports teams are synonymous with this struggling city, which has a population of 677k. The city which was declared bankrupt in 2013 (which it exited a few months later) has all the major sports teams covered and is only one of 13 American metropolitan areas that has a team in each of the four major American sports, all four of which have been successful. Each one has managed to pick up the league title, leading to Detroit being referred to as the “City of Champions” after the Tigers, Lions, and Red Wings captured all three major professional sports championships in a seven-month period of time (the Tigers won the World Series in October 1935; the Lions won the NFL championship in December 1935; the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup in April 1936).

The one sport not covered by the city is Major League Soccer, numerous times the city has been considered for an expansion team but it all rests on a site of the former jail. To link the new Detroit Red Wings arena to get the required foot fall to support an MLS team. Well Detroit’s time is now……


So first question is why Detroit? Well first and foremost it’s because I love America, well again why Detroit? America is a big place and there are way more glamorous cities with MLS teams now, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami and so on. One of my other sports teams plays in Detroit so I’m drawn to them, being a Detroit Red Wings fan drew me to the city who have struggled. I toyed with idea of Vegas but was convinced by @AcidburnTNA @Cleon81 and @DGear86 to stick with my original idea of Detroit City. So the next question is how and why will I play with them when they aren’t in the MLS so how will I play as them? Well I’m creating a new setup, as mentioned before I like the USA and want to play a long-term save in the MLS. So I’ve decided to create a new league system with them in it as there are enough sides to fill this out easily so I’ve gone for a ten tier league system with the bottom tier being unplayable to add promotion and relegation below is the league setup:


(Please ignore the excel it’s taken a lot of planning )

As most of you know as soon as the MLS is edited a lot of the MLS rules disappear so drafts are gone, as are the east & west conferences. In this file it’ll be a straight 20 team league with the top 8 going into the postseason for the title. Then the bottom three are all relegated and it’s the same format throughout the tiers. As for promotion the top 8 of each of the other leagues enter a postseason with the two finalists get promoted and there’s also a third place play-off for the third promotion place. There will be plenty of squad rules to keep, it’s not just competitive but also challenging as there will be all kinds of rules in place from a salary cap (it is America I must have one!) to squad restrictions with America/Canadian players.

This should also allow us to be competitive not just domestically but eventually in the continental completion…..yes this is getting a revamp in my save too as I plan to rip out the dull North American Champions League and the Copa Libertadores. Both competitions will be replaced with the Champion’s Cup of the Americas and a Champions League covering every nation in North and South America and it will be in the format of the current UEFA Champions league.

Because of the removal of two Champions Leagues it forces me to edit the World Club Cup to counter for the missing team. Another tweak of what I’ll be making is college soccer (two twenty team leagues with teams unable to sign and player forcing them to use the youth how I plan to do this I’ve not figured out but this is the target)


So what are my plans for this save? Well long-term it’s to make the MLS and American soccer the most reputable league in the world or close enough as I’ll have to modify another nation’s reputation to allow this to happen as the MLS will top out at that continents most reputable league (Mexico). So this is another hurdle I’ll need to work out as I edit, but short-term will be just to get the club to reach the MLS ideally with a core of Michigan based players and really just see where I go from there. I haven’t decided if I will be blogging about the save every year or every two years but I’m sure @Cleon81 will let me post when I do, also keep up to date or ask any questions at @FMAcidphire21.

6 thoughts on “Looking South on Canada”

  1. As a fan of MLS both in real life and FM, I’m really excited to see how this develops!

    Any chance you would be willing to share the league database? This looks like a really interesting setup that I would like to toy around with.

    1. Seconded. Brilliant idea and while I’m partial to realistic databases, this one is interesting enough that I’d like to manage a revamped version of my national leagues as well.

  2. Thanks it’s a while in planning but yea I’m willing to put the db online when I’ve tested it not sure how much support I’ll be providing though

  3. Fantastic idea!! Very much looking forward to it. Hopefully youll get rappers as regens

    P.S. I am from Windsor, Ontario just across the Detroit river

  4. Hi mate, if you do post the database online I will definitely give it a go, always liked palying in the MLS but if this 1 has all the US teams then I’m in. Also love the sound of the Champions Cup of Americas!

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