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Nottingham Forest, Notts County (three times), Mansfield, Sheffield United and Derby County are all clubs that Kieron Freeman has played for. He has played over 80 times for those clubs and is a defender. I was lucky enough to see him play for Sheffield United quite a few times last season and the first thing that struck me was that he is one of those solid players who gives his all and is still quite young so still has plenty to learn. He has a bright future.

It’s probably not the best time for me to try and contact players to interview but none the less I randomly asked Kieron one night if he played Football Manager and he replied saying yes. So I asked him if he was up for a short interview as I knew it was the middle of preseason (i did this interview a few weeks back now as you can tell 🙂 )and he had some club business to take care off. I was surprised when he said yes and explained that he had been a fan of the Championship Manager/Football Manager series since he was a young lad. So we sent him the questions and here are his answers.

CH: How long have you been playing FM for? Did anyone get you into playing it?

KF: I’ve been playing Football Manager for years to be honest. I was playing it when it was Championship Manager – that’s how long it’s been! No one got me into it really. Me and my mate went to buy a game and after that we were hooked would have sleep overs and stay up all night playing it!

CH: On Twitter you can always see you having a bit of banter with other footballers like Ben Davies and Terry Kennedy, so I was wondering if you ever played FM with them or any other footballers and wondered if there was any banter or competition between you all?

KF: No one really plays it I that I know. I play it on the way to away games but I get a bit of stick for it if my team is losing though!

CH: What type of manager are you? Do you have a particular style/philosophy you like to bring to a club or a particular tactic you like to use?

KF: I have a passing style I like to play attractive Barcelona football. I play a 4-2-3-1 with my 3 attacking all free roles.

CH: How about squad building, how do you approach that?

KF: When I approach a game I check out my team to see we’re I need to improve. I like to sell a few players to give myself some transfer budget to bring in the players I want.

CH: Have you ever managed yourself on FM? Or better yet have you ever made yourself better than the FM researchers have made you? You must have been tempted before! Do you always put yourself on free kicks and penalties?

KF: To be honest I’ve never played with Derby on it but I have got myself on a cheeky loan deal. I didn’t put myself on set pieces – I’d never score!

CH: I saw you play quite a bit last season for Sheffield United and found you to be better than your FM stats suggest. How do you think the stats portrait you on FM? Do you agree/disagree with them?

KF: Haha – I don’t know really. It’s hard to say. They’re the stat guys so I’ll leave it for them to pick.

CH: I’ve got a thing about Davide Petrucci from Manchester United on my save and I tend to always sign him regardless of who I am. Do you have any players either past or present that you’ve become attached to and always sign/signed?

KF: I remember a few years ago I used to always sign Vincent Enyeama the Nigerian keeper for about 350k. He always turned out really good on there.

CH: The biggest drawback for me on FM is all the team talks and press conference stuff. Are there parts of the game you especially like and dislike?

KF: I do team talks but I don’t do press conferences as there’s not a lot you can say to them. I think they should let you say what you want in press conferences.

CH: What would you like to see added in FM15?

KF: I think after a few years or so, if your kit sponsor runs out you have to renew it. That’s one feature I’d like to see implemented.

You can follow Kieron on Twitter @KieronFreeman23

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