Kenny Tete

This is my rightback.

Start of Season

End of Season One

Year 1 –Had him tutored with Daley Blind due to Tete being a balanced personality type which is just useless, so l decided he needed something more useful. I also decided that I would focus on quickness for his individual attribute focused due to me needing a fast right wingback. So on a 3 month rotation I focused on positioning and quickness.

End of Season Two

Year 2 –Tutored him with the same player again. For his individual focus I decided that working on his crossing and dribbling would be worthwhile as its something he needs to be able to do for his role.

End of Season Three

Year 3 – I began to train him as a fullback.

End of Season Four

Year 4 – Same as above.

End of Season Five

Year 5 – Still the same

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