Before I start let me just say that if you are expecting a download link then this is the wrong thread for you it won’t be happening. Also if you plan on using the exact same settings that I discuss below and don’t achieve the same results then you’ve missed the entire concept of what this blog postand what its about. The idea about this article is not to act as a guide as such but rather show you how I think and how I view football on FM. This isn’t a post that will follow any rules that you might have read elsewhere, nor will it be a post that says ‘you must play this way’. It will just document my thinking behind the reasoning for the system I use and hopefully show you why it works. There are many different ways to achieve what I’m about to write below, this is just my way for this particular save

The idea of this post came about when I attempted to have the perfect season while playing as Sheffield United in League One. My aim was to win every single competitive match I played in, so this includes the League, FA Cup, League Cup and the JPT. It was always going to be a ridiculous ask to win every single game……or was it?!!

I decided I wanted to show people that defensive football can be great football and doesn’t mean you shut up shop and never attack. There are various types of defensive football just like there are lots of different attacking types of football. Everyone on the SI forum’s discuss attacking or controlling tactics but what if the best attacking football is done by being defensive? Hopefully this will show you how I approached a recent save.

To make things incredibly hard for myself to give me an added challenge (like I haven’t already got enough eh?!!) I decided I’d use a normal formation but one that would cause me issue down the wing and not one that we see used often in English football and that was the narrow 4-1-2-2-1;

I tend to normally play 3 at the back and play strikerless but wanted to do something more normal this time and wanted to utilise two strikers. So this is why I choose this shape.

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