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Often when browsing the forums or Twitter I see people struggling with their tactics and not really understanding why something might be happening or more importantly, how to actually fix the issues. So I thought why not start a new series where I try to help one person every so often by viewing their games and writing an in-depth article about their issues, possible fixes and just my general thoughts. Does this sound like something you could benefit from? If so please continue reading.

If you want to have a chance of being picked for this then what I need you to do is make sure it is a game on FM15, then  in the comments section below tell me;

  • Why do you need the help?
  • What are the common issues you are having?
  • What team and league are you in?
  • What year is it in-game?

If you can supply all this information then I will randomly pick one person sometime on Sunday. The chosen person will then be expected to provide me with a PKM of one of the games were the issues you mentioned above are highlighted and happening throughout the game. I will message you with the address to send the PKM too once I’ve selected the winner.

This will not be a tactic review, so if you are looking for one of those then please don’t enter. As this is focused at helping those struggling with certain issues and providing them feedback about why it’s happening and giving them possible solutions to fix the issues.

So if that interests you then please post below.

27 thoughts on “Help me, help you!”

  1. I would love you to help me understand where I’m going wrong. Generally I fell my team and tactic work well but I struggle against two formations, 4-5-1 flat and the 4-4-1-1. With the 1st one I dominate games as the opp are parking the bus and I struggle to break them down. I feel I’m defensively ok after reading your Defensive Arts blog, but when up against 4-4-1-1 I seem to leak goals for fun.
    I am in my first season with Rangers in the Scottish Championship. I have just won the challenge cup and currently 2nd 4pts behind leaders Livigston. I seem to realy struggle against Alloa for some reason. Thanks.

  2. Similar to your thread “SI Sports Centre” thread from last year, eh?..Nice

    Will you include the .pkm download in your article so we can obverse the game and so have a better understanding of the observations that you make?

    1. I can include it in the post yeah :). It is a bit similar to that thread I created yeah, its the same principle really 🙂

  3. Hi what kind of software do you use to watch a pkm file. I just tried to watch the Arsenal video that you posted and it says I don’t have the correct software. I checked online and they all want to charge me so wanted to know what one is best. Thanks.

    1. You view it in FM mate. You put it in C:\User\Username\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\matches then load it via the FM main screen.

  4. Cleon,
    Would it potentially be a better idea to send over a save game instead? Would that not allow you a better case study of a tactic or an issue?

    1. That would take far too much time for me and not something I really want to do as that’s the easy option for the user. I need them to do stuff too, so telling me issues and showing me a game where it happens is much better for me.

  5. Hi Cleon.
    I could do with general help with my 4-1-4-1.
    The main issues are:
    1. When the ball is in the box, my players think its better to pass than shoot.
    2. My players occupy each others spaces in general play.
    3. Players are caught in possession instead of passing backwards (Not sure if that is a match engine problem)
    Playing as Leicester City in Feb 2015 and in the Premier League could mean that I just have lower quality players.

  6. That’s a very charitable thing to do!

    If there was something you could help with it would be what sources would you use to get footage or analysis of the tactics in real life? Ones that particularly appeal are current Mourinho Chelsea, Pochettino Spurs and Klopp Dortmund.
    Are there any good sites for these? Or do you actually watch lot’s of tape!? Would like to build a fully functional tactic properly and have read your posts to date.

  7. Hi Cleon
    I am trying to make an account on the si forum but it wont send me the email so i can confirm the account so i am not able to make the account do you have any idea of what i can do?

  8. Go on their forums and use the contact us option found at the very bottom of the forums and explain it there. Don’t need to be a member to do that 🙂

  9. Hi, I was wandering if you can help. I have tried to start a thread on SI Community Tactics section about my current Rangers save looking for advice on where I am going wrong. I tried to put a screenshot on but it wont let me as it says my account cant post attachments for some reason. I have been in touch with the site but haven’t heard back from them. I know this isn’t the place to ask but knew you are on there a lot and thought you could help

    1. Read the FAQ’s thread in the tactics section and it explains how to post screenshots. You can’t upload them to the site, it has to be an image hosting site etc.

      1. Ok I have read that. Sorry never mentioned that earlier. When I click on image the box appears “insert image” I click from computer and select the png file I want. When it loads it then says undefined next to it and won’t post to the thread. Hope that’s clearer explanation. Is the image hosting site something I have to download? Sorry not very clued up on computers. Thanks for the help.

  10. You’ve not read it properly go back and read it. It tells you that you have to upload the image to a image hosting site and CANNOT be uploaded directly to SI. It even lists 2 image hosting sites for you to use.

    No offence but this blog is not for questions with stuff about SI or for issues over there. I’m happy to help most but it takes a little bit of piss when people come here asking for help elsewhere……

  11. I did read it but it doesn’t help that the FAQ for the main site are not the same for the Tactics page I was simply reading the wrong part where it doesn’t mention those sites. I know this isn’t the place to ask about that site but I see your name a lot on there and just thought you could help since the site themselves haven’t bothered to do anything. I know that’s not your problem and I am sorry for wasting your time and wont be bothering you again. Thanks for the help you did give earlier.

  12. Hi,

    Im playing with Leicester with 15.3 update. Media prediction is 20 for team. I want to play defensive way and exploit the spaces.

    GK defend
    Wing Back R A
    Central Defender D
    Central Defender D
    Wing Back L S
    Wide Playmaker R A
    Centrel Midfield S
    Central Midfield D
    Winger A
    Deep Lying Forward S
    Poacher A

    Mentality=Counter Philosophy= Structered

    I use retain possession, shorter passing, play out of defence, norrow width and sometimes drop deeper.

    My defence dont look solid and give space. My players often choose to dribble and lost ball. My DLF does not connect between midfield and forward. He often dribbles also. If you want to look at my game I can upload a PKM file.

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