I must have rewrote this article about twelve times in the past month because I keep changing my mind. However my decision is now made. So let me explain what I’m on about below.

This whole SI Games not promoting FM work is pissing me off to be honest and this is a major issue. They’re only bothered about the massive accounts like Squawka, Bleacher Report or the massive YouTubers. Anything they do related to FM they will gladly promote the work and while I can understand the logic, why can’t they support everyone rather than being selective? I mean there are lots of fantastic blogs, streamers and YouTube creators out there who aren’t that popular yet do better work than the big sites. But they don’t get the recognition why?

SI Games started the affiliate scheme decades ago now and it’s never really lived up to the billing since the early years. Being an affiliate brings you nothing, you don’t gain extra traffic, you don’t get work promoted so what’s the point of it? You might get a free game code to give away on your site but again, you don’t get anything out of it. Back when it first started you’d get exclusive stuff and content so you could use it to create articles or promote new features and so on. But nowadays you don’t get anything like that. It’s also been relaunched and about 10 different people try to kick-start it but it always lets the people down who are signed up to it.

Last year they promoted fan sites ever so slightly every Friday for Fan site Friday and it was popular. But why limit it to Fridays? Why can’t you promote it every day or more than just once a week? I’ve never known a gaming company be so reluctant to promote fan made content. This year though apparently they have changed their stance yet again and no longer do this. I contacted them at the end of November to ask them to promote something I had written due to demand from their own forums, it was the Arts of Counter Attacking stuff I did I think. They basically told me their approach this year was different and they only wanted dumbed down content (not in those exact words but the point was the same) and that if I wanted to rewrite it then they’d consider promoting it. Rewrite it? Are you fucking serious? Do you even know your own fan base and what they’re struggling with?! This was a topical piece and about 50 people off their own forums were all struggling and confused by this subject. How many more out there who are unaware of these things are confused too?

Why does content have to be aimed at dummies, why can’t all types of different content be promoted? There’s a market for all types of content and articles amongst the community because the user base vastly differs. You get people who want the shorter version of stuff and then you get people who want to understand the ambiguous game they’ve created.

Towards the middle of last year SI contacted me and asked me to write an FM piece for them, they told me the subject they wanted covering and I agreed. So I spent the next four or five days writing the article and submitted it to them. They told me it was great and exactly what they wanted and explained they had passed it around the office and gave me some feedback on changes that needed making to it. So again I agreed and spent a further five or six days adding stuff to it and making it more clearer. I then sent it them again and Alan told me it was great just what they needed. Then about four days later I got an email saying they’d changed their mind and no longer would be using the article. I mean seriously wtf, I’d just spent the best part of two weeks writing an article and editing it based on feedback and points you raised, and had asked me to add or fix. Yet you then tell me you’re not going to use it without any explanation other than you’ve changed your mind?

I’m not the only person this has happened to either. Other people have written stuff that’s not been used. Others have also been told that their articles aren’t for the targeted audience either. Yet have you seen some of the stuff they actually promote? There’s lots of great, fantastic stuff out there that they should be all over promoting it. This isn’t just about my work far from it. This is about the non-existent link between SI and its actual users on social media.

The whole social media side of FM is a joke and confusing at best. You get Miles giving out all the info of new features and teasing stuff, yet the proper FM account doesn’t (with the odd exception)?! For new users to the game it can confuse them. Especially when the current FM account is more obsessed with being sarcastic towards its users or more focused on real football happening and proving ‘FM points’ than it is anything else.

I’ve been writing and helping people with FM related stuff for about twenty years now as it’s something I enjoy. But if SI don’t seem to care anymore outside of the big accounts then why should I spend my free time helping out due to their lack of documentation of the game? Because let’s face it, the majority of the stuff I write about should come with the game already. I’m spending my time filling in for their lack of information.

I don’t get anything out of writing FM articles other than the sole aim of helping others. Sometimes people forget this and it’s the same for other sites like FM Central or the Podcast guys over at Deep-Lying Podcast. We all do what we do because we enjoy it and give back to the community. But for me enough is enough.

This isn’t a spur of the moment decision either, I’ve thought long and hard about this but I don’t see any other option other than to stop writing stuff. So I’ve made the decision that I am retiring from writing FM stuff now as it’s just not worth it any longer. I know i have a big following and have helped many people over the years but it’s not something I feel I want to do anymore. For those of you who enjoyed the articles I wrote over the years I thank you all and I’m sorry I’ll no longer be doing them. But I simply can’t carry on supporting a game that doesn’t support it’s real community.

I have a feeling I won’t be the last either to quit over the exact same frustrations. SI should be doing better on the community aspects of their social media and promoting sites and content. After all we are all supposed to be on the same side and all have the game in common.

The site will remain open and I’ll still be showcasing the fantastic writers and content creators via the site. But I will no longer be writing anything new or answering questions.

Anyway, thanks for everything people but now I am retired with all FM content 🙂

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  1. This is sad. Well I learn a lot about fm stuff from you, rashidi and others at si forum. Hope you change your mind, someday.

  2. Wow. Really sad to see you step down Cleon, your work has really helped me with FM for a good few years now (since I looked more in-depth) and I think i must have read everything you’ve shared on here since you started.

    I don’t know much about the link between SI and gamers having never been a part of that “behind the scenes” process myself, but it sounds like you’ve had a really frustrating and disappointing experience lately, which I can definitely relate to.

    Good luck with whatever you do next and thanks for everything.

  3. Sorry to here that mate. You Along with others have helped me understand the game a lot better, and I thank you for that. I will miss the great work you do, but I fully agree and understand your decision to retire. I have always felt the game doesn’t come with enough content to help new players, and blogs like yours are sometimes the only places people can get advice.
    Good luck with whatever you do next, and thanks again for all the work you have done. The game had lost a massive asset in my eyes.

  4. If this is truly your last hurrah Cleon I am truly saddened by your decision, though I can totally understand your reasoning. SI is not the family company it once was.

    Thank-you so much for what you have written in the past. Many a time I copied and pasted your writings to a word document and then read it on the throne, where all good thinker do their best work. I actually made a binded book out off all your articles just so I didn’t loose anything.

    Live long and prosper.

  5. Cleon, I’m very sad to read this but I totally agree with you. I was an owner of Czech FM website/forum for many years and SI social media team talked so many times about promoting content in non-english language but it never happened.

    I was lucky that one of my articles was shared by SI on Facebook and Twitter. That article had great feedback thanks to it but the promotion of FM Community is absolute rubbish in a long term.

    One part of my real-life job is to create content on social media of AC Sparta Prague, the biggest football club in Czech republic and if I would promote our content for our fans same as SI do I would surely lost my job very quickly.

    I enjoyed all of your articles from the moment I discovered your site and I want to thank you for everything you have done. I will come back to your site every time I will want to read some best articles about FM in whole community.

  6. Holy sh*t,

    You are one of the sole reasons I have even attempted this game this year. The edition comes with less and less instructions and the in game help is crap at best. You have explained and laid out the foundations for hundreds, if not thousands of users of each instance of this game. It was great, it still could be great but blow me if they are so far up their arses with regards to trying to engage the fricking community.

    I’m ranting here as your post has hit me right in the feels that they can treat someone like you that has been on the forums for as long as me on my first account and still there on my second when i came back some 4 years later. I feel gutted that I can’t look upon your feedback or ideas.

    Si have pulled a Bolton on this one, holy shoot!

    Keep well sir and keep in touch 🙁

  7. What a sad day for the FM Community……excuse my language but F@CK YOU Sports Interactive for allowing this to happen. Really sad to see you go Cleon 🙁 Your articles have been a constant beacon of light in the darkness that is quality FM content. The fact that the best content comes from authors such as yourself or Rashidi and not directly from SI is quite sad on their part in my opinion. I’ve always felt Miles is a bit of a douche and that seems to filter through to the rest of the staff. Their approach towards promoting the game and community is actually terrible.

    Will you still be writing for Squawka? Will you write anywhere still or is this literally the last goodbye?

    I wish you the best of luck in whatever future endeavours you decide to pursue and i’m sure you’ll make a great success of it at the same time.

    I’m actually so mad right now……i better go before I really start calling a spade a spade…..

  8. Nail on the head. I have been wondering about the Affiliate Scheme for a while, and pondering the desire of whether to continue with all the effort I’ve poured in.

    SI seem to want people like us to continue with our work, I have in the past sent an email out to some blokes in SI moaning that what we do felt like a full time job. That led to my first quit phase at the end of FM12. I stopped writing completely.

    And then I came back to find that nothing had changed. We still had a dearth of information explaining the game, instead we were told that there had to be a magical “under the hood” factor. This curiously had now led to the need for content that dumbs down explanations for the game.

    What really pisses me off is the lack of recognition for work like Chris Darwens work or some of the more exotic well written career saves.

    Please don’t shut the door on your way out. I am packing my bags too.

    1. God forbid Rashidi follows you 🙁 I might just stop buying this game in future as a show of support to the two of you and a middle finger to SI.

      Isn’t there something WE as a community can do? I know I’d be devastated if both of you left…….

      Can we not create enough of a stink for them to finally realise that this is something which is seriously lacking from their side and if they don’t address it and sort out their bullshit affiliate program, then we aint buying FM17 or something.

      I’ve been playing this game as long as either Cleon or Rashidi have, and if both of you on the same day are singing from the same hymn sheet about packing your bags, then SI need to wake up and smell the coffee.

      I know I personally sent you both an email thanking you for the outstanding content production you are both so good at. You both breathed new life into a stale game for me.

      I actually haven’t been this angry in ages!!!!!!!!

      1. Nail head Vince, if Rashidi follows then I feel there is going to a humongous vacuum here and people will just stop playing.

        New match engine ; thank you to Cleon and Rashidi ( With others such as RT on the si forums) that I can actually interpret it now. no visual hints or clues from within, you just get left to flounder. Heck even Riot Games at least has a tutorial that kind of explains the basics or enough to be of some use.

        very down day today if this is anything to go by so far. 🙁

  9. Although I have been playing FM for more years than I care to remember I have only recently come across your site and others related to it such as Addicted to FM. They have been a source of much inspiration to me and I am sure to many others and I am sad to hear you no longer will be enlightening my knowledge and experience of FM. Best wishes in whatever you do next!

  10. This is a very, very sad day.

    The community SI had following them is getting smaller over the years. Many decent forums have gone. I have seen less people blogging about the game now also. Is that down to people growing away from the game and having life responsibilities or the hardcore people that used to be around not getting recognition for the amount of work they put in helping others and feel like they SI do not care anymore. Whichever it is SI are taking a double barrell shotgun and blasting themselves in both feet.

    Sad part is I feel SI does not give a damn about the community anymore which helped them with the game.

    You will be missed with the knowledge you have given to the community as will Rashidi.

  11. Really? You’re leaving? You are so egotistical I thought you’d never leave. You post good content but in which the way you speak to people can be rude and disrespectful. I’m glad people won’t be made to feel bad or stupid if their knowledge of FM isn’t as vast as yours, because of their age or other commitments.

    1. So telling you to fuck off seems quite appropriate here. I don’t care what you or anyone else thinks of me. Egotistical yet you still use my articles, visit my blog and feel the need to interact with me. Doesn’t that make you the fool?

  12. This is sad sad reading Cleon. I fully understand your decision though and I cant get my head around the argument from SI. Hiring a trainee to browse around the web and Twitter spotting great FM content and then promoting it on social media should be one of the easiest things to do – there is so much Gold to pick from.

    I’ve read every single article from your hand since I picked up the game again last summer, and it really makes me sad (and mad) that its now come to an end 🙁

    All the best,

  13. I saw the tweet and I got my hands to my head and screamed “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”. Now I read the article and I’m flabbergasted. I’m not precisely very active regarding the community so I was not really aware of this. I thought if I was not getting anything about all that fan promotion by SI that I saw some time ago it was just because I was not engaging. But I see now and I see it’s something so bad I couldn’t imagine.

    I agree with all the points raised by you and those commenting. What you people do is something that should be promoted very actively by SI. And that should be no brainer. And in no way they should be demanding to have all articles dumbed down. That’s ridiculous, given the said extremely poor documentation of the game. Many (if not all) of the explaining popups either don’t explain anything or have something that I think can easily lead to misunderstandings. I.e. I always thought exploiting the flanks meant “more tendency by players to send the ball to the flanks” when it’s actually “players at the flanks are told to move further forward”, similarly with some other instructions. I learned that through community, not through anything SI made. Just a few weeks ago I found here that “look for overlap” sets wingers to hold up ball, when I thought it just told full/wingbacks to move further forward. I’d not be surprised if many newcomers see the description to control mentality and think it naturally implements safeguards against counterattacks without need for them to do anything special about it, so when the minnow hits them in the counter they get frustrated because they think control was supposed to do something by its own.

    I myself have learned a lot from your articles and others found over strikerless, BustTheNet, FM Analysis… and I’ve enjoyed reading a lot. I really appreciate your works and the other people. I will miss your pieces greatly. I wish you all the best in everything.

    A massive thank you for all you’ve done.

  14. Sad loss for the community as you have taught so many so much. 100% behind your decision and I suspect many will follow your lead. I doubt whether that will make a difference to the arrogant at SI but you never know

  15. Oh, stop whining for God’s sake, you have threatened to quit SI forums and stop writing articles every time someone disrespects your work, but never actually fulfilled your ‘threats’. Go on, keep writing, or don’t, nobody f*****g cares, there will be others.

    1. You say you don’t care yet cared enough to visit the site and comment. So stop lying, you obviously do care or wouldn’t have posted.

      1. It’s about content, not the author. If you don’t write good stuff, perhaps there will be a ‘vacuum’ for some time, when someone new will emerge and continue writing quality articles. That’s when nobody will care whether Cleon left the FM community or not. I do appreciate your contribution, I actually enjoyed your articles, but I am allergic to moaning and these Calimero-like-It’s-unfair posts.

        1. You say that then in the next breathe make it about me, the author. Make your mind up.

          Plus you miss the point, this isn’t about me.

          1. Me visiting the site is about the content, not author. The rest was related to “Go on, keep writing, or don’t, nobody f*****g cares, there will be others.”. As much as your work is good, you aren’t the only source of information about FM.

            On the other hand, I do see your point, but you could have just stopped writing without this pathetic post. Yes, SI are heartless bitches that exploit good people who put significant effort into contributing to their game, but, on the other hand – you could have said no to their proposal. And you could have just left the community, without being so whiny.

          2. But you still cared enough to post, yet claim you don’t care. So you cared enough to pass comment.

            End of the day though it doesn’t matter to me what you think as I don’t know you and you don’t know me. What you think about me as a person isn’t really valid and vice versa. Anyway enjoy your day 🙂

      2. “Cleon1981
        But you still cared enough to post, yet claim you don’t care. So you cared enough to pass comment.

        I was frustrated, so I felt the need to. After all, if you can’t handle negative comments, maybe you should turn comments section off. Maybe you are too egoistical, as someone above mentioned.

        I wish you all the best, bye.

        1. I can and did handle the comments. I called you out when you claimed you didn’t care because imo someone who didn’t care would have said nothing and ignored it as obviously they don’t care. But when people put effort into responding then that means they care or cared enough to pass comment.

          If I couldn’t handle the comments I’d have either turned them off, banned you, deleted the comment or muted them. Yet did neither.

          Anyway this is pointless so again enjoy your day.

          1. When called liar, I felt I should answer. Go on, keep whining about life being unfair, I won’t comment anymore.

          2. Lifes pretty great because I get to wind people like you up who REALLY care about my attitude, what I say, what I do and whatever my actions are. It’s fantastic.

    2. Yet here you are whining like a bitch about someone being unhappy at their situation. Fuck off……If you had perhaps taken the time to communicate directly with Cleon, you would know that your opinion or him being egotistical couldn’t be further from the truth. You sure you don’t work for SI…..coming for the content, without consideration for the author….as long as it’s free…….

      You sir, can make yourself a 4 letter word from this “C o c o n u t”. Just shout if you struggle, although i’m sure you’ll recognise yourself in there…..

  16. Thank you Cleon for all the work you’ve done. I’ve been playing this game for over 20 years now but I discovered your work only last year, and have enjoyed all your articles ever since. It’s those articles that gave me the courage to continue to play this game and try to figure it out. Really sad to hear that you don’t get the recognition you deserve from SI. Good luck for the future.


  17. Gutted.

    First and foremost, thank you for all the insights you have shared. It’s helped me understand FM exponentially more than fumbling around by myself or reading the laughably poor documentation that comes with the game.

    For far too long, SI have used and abused people like your good self – why should SI invest in writing documentation when people like Cleon do it for them for free. Shame on SI.

    All the best for the future Cleon.

  18. Sad to read this Cleon, I have only recently started reading your stuff, which has been both an interesting read, and very helpful.

  19. Very sad Cleon but your points are valid although you will be quiting with whole lot of people since you inspired guys like me to end up buying my first Football Manager game which is FM16 so to hear you saying you quitting it’s sad and I think I will now go back to playing Fifa. I quit as well

  20. Hi Cleon. I really enjoyed your articles – all of them were simply great and the best FM content that I saw during my FM play time which is more than 18 years. I wish you all the best and big thanks for the efforts.

  21. What people need to understand is the context. The game is looking more complicated yet this ‘magical factor’ under the hood has always been the hardest but to crack for quite a few. And, it’s this area and a lack of coverage of the content thats being created that’s so sad. Over the years, some great sites have gone under.

    And I see a few more heading that way. The point is that SI don’t need to do much to spot these sites and help them along. I have been doing this for twenty years and I would love to stop explaining the match engine every year. I see some newer content creators now take on the challenge, but that always happens and then they give up.

    Cleon and I have had staying power, I’m pushing 50.Writing about the game saved his last life and it cost me one marriage, and almost killed me, but it was worth it. I don’t care if people like or appreciate what I write about, I just don’t want us to lose high PA content creators because the club won’t invest time in their development.

    1. SI have developed a sophisticated ME over the years, but in game documentation and feedback has remained horrendous.

      That “magic under the hood” SI keep insisting on is absolutely unacceptable for a high quality video game. Game mechanics have to be explained and transparent.

      Loads of complicated games like grand strategies use a model where users know what does what what and what affects what and exactly how much. It’s not spoon-feeding, but sensible game development.

  22. This has been the attitude at SI toward their fan base for at least a decade. It’s never been about the customer and always about the customer’s money. You can see this theme running throughout their dealings with fans from the FM Britain and Tactics and Frameworks debacle, to Miles’s “it’s none of our business that our Australian fans are getting ripped off.” I’d argue that it also drives some of the recent gameplay changes and monetization choices, too. This is what having no competition and taking no criticism comes to, the decline and fall, etc.

    Sorry to see you go, Cleon. Maybe this’ll give SI a wake up call, but I’m not holding my breath.

    1. Spot on, Miles only cares that you bought the game, he doesn’t give a toss about how hard it may be for some people or how much or little you may enjoy it, all he cares about is that you paid for his pancakes.

  23. Cleon,

    I have been a long time follower of your articles and lurker on the SI Forums. While I don’t always 100% agree with your communication style when talking to other players, I have been a real admirer of your work for quite some time and have the utmost respect for you as a player of the game and as a person. It is clear that you are a very skilled, methodical FM player, who has a real passion for both the game and the intricacies which underpin it. Additionally, it is well documented the effect that FM has had on your own life, and I salute you for your continued excellent writing and perserverance in the face of your own real life trials. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for what your writing has done for my own gaming experience and wish you good luck in all your future endeavours.


    Twitter – @kisswinkshhhhHS

  24. Just wanted to say thank you for all the help your articles have given me, especially in understanding the FM match engine.

    You will be missed by the FM community.

  25. I’m very sorry to hear this, your articles have been a big help. I was going to comment on your article about attacking football that I didn’t think SI’s descriptions of roles, duties, PIs, TIs, mentalities were much use and it’s only through sites like yours that I’ve found out what they actually do. It’s frustrating how little of the deeper workings of the game are communicated to the end user from official sources and if they don’t support, encourage and/or recognise those who do try to shed some light on matters then less capable players such as myself will struggle more and be more likely to walk away from the franchise.

    I hope they change their approach and/or you reconsider your retirement (there should be a button for that somewhere!) but until then, thanks very much. I’m still not a great tactician, but I’m better than I was because of you.

  26. This is probably the saddest day in the history of Championship Manager/Football Manger Community.

    Your blog and community contributions were the by far the best our manager community has ever seen.

    It was a pleasure for me to learn so much from product of all the working hours you devoted to us!

    Thank you for all the amazing things you taught us!

  27. Sad news…you write some of the hest FM related articles anywhere…i have learnt a lot from you and guys like Rashidi…

  28. Wanted to post again after i had re read your statement…this really is a sad day…you and Rashidi have been a huge source of information. The community will be a poorer place without you guys (if Rashidi follows it will be doubly shitty) – SI need to pull their head out of their arse and start remembering who buys their product. I for one am getting fucking tired of their promises then we just get the same old shit release after release..they obviously don’t care about any feedback we give them..sorry to see you go Cleon,…thanks for all the help buddy

  29. I just wanted to say thank you for everything you’ve done not only for this community, but for me personally through your support.

    I also wanted to take a moment to say that some of the folks who left some pretty horrific comments here should be ashamed of themselves.

    Methinks they will not be so vocal when they can’t figure out how to do anything tactically in this or subsequent versions and you aren’t here to explain everything for them.

    It has truly been a pleasure following your content and talking with you over the recent months and I hope you will not be a stranger even if you aren’t making more content.

    THANK YOU again, as I don’t think it can be said enough for the things you’ve done for this community over the last several years.

  30. Sad to see you giving up on this. I was really looking forward to sequel of The Art Of Attacking Football – Badly Designed Tactics since, in a first place, I have fell in love to Ajax 1995 system thanks to your articles.

    Thank you for all your articles written in past years!

  31. Sorry to hear this, but fully understand your decision.

    Your article on Ajax and youth development made me rediscover FM after giving up on it a for a few years. The subsequent articles made me a much better manager and thought me a lot on how the game can be approached.

    Thank you!

  32. If I’m struggling with the game I’ve always looked you up. So enjoyed all your articles and posts over the years. Learnt so much. Always wondered how you guys have the time for a life away from the game. Cheers cleon

  33. I’m sad to hear this, but I can understand. Especially the part where SI wasted so much of your time with that article. Totally disrespectful.

    SI have made a wonderful game, the best game of all time. But let’s face it; without the work that you, SFraser (his posts. old as they are, took my FM game to a new level and really boosted my interest in soccer), and others have put in, most of us would have dropped out of the game a long time ago. I wouldn’t have been able to field competitive teams since maybe 03/04, and eventually I would have grown frustrated and gone back to an older version. And new players would be totally at sea. IMO FM could do worse than put 20 analysts like you on their payroll permanently. You’ve been a great ambassador to the game.

    Even if I never played FM, your articles are just really entertaining and fun to read. Whether I agree with your approach 100% or not, I love the analysis and thought processes that you’re using and describing. When I’m at work, it gives me my FM fix without needing to actually load FM and get myself fired 😉

    Hopefully you’ll come back in some way, shape, or form. This time doing this as more of a casual hobby than the relentless study that you do now. I know you have to enjoy writing these articles a lot. It’s good stuff to read. it looks fun to write, and you’re surely going to miss it.

    Anyway, all the best if you don’t come back. I’ll keep an eye open on the forums for your posts, too.

  34. Thanks for all the insights you gave me.
    The last few months I’ve stopped reading the amount of fm articles I used to do. The reason for that is because I’m starting to understand whats going on and can adept more and more. I think you have been one of the main reasons for that.

    Hope you’ll find another place to post your ramblings. Hope to read you soon!

  35. As someone who has made a very similar decision in the past month with The Away Stand and shutting that and currently no longer writing content, due to the exact same reasons given by yourself (dumbing down of content, non promotion of content – which is something I raised fully 2 years ago in fact), I have every sympathy and fully understand your decision. Firstly I’d like to say thanks for everything you’ve given this community – you’ve helped a huge amount of people, and it was a pleasure working on CCC with you during its short existence.

  36. Well I cant say I wasnt expecting this mate. I know what happened with previous efforts of yours and a couple of others through the awesomeness that was FM BRITAIN (and the great booklet(s) you issued way back when which I still use occasionally which shows how good they were) and how they were also killed SO STUPIDLY by SI GAMES.

    I cannot for the life of me understand SI. Over they years the game managed to generate a big community of dedicated and gifted individuals such as yourself, avid followers and even thieving magpies like me that was thriving through work such as this present website of yours and all the abovementioned. SI themselves or any other game company would struggle to generate such a community intentionally, yet SI has seemingly done everything possible to kill it or at least stunt its growth. That is so effin ridiculous it beggars belief really. People even were willing to put a LOT OF TIME to even put out a quarterly magazine CLEAR CUT CHANCE (and free) which was great while it lasted but again it had to die due to the lack of any interest by SI.

    Speaking for myself nowadays and with a thousand other obligations Im barely finding time to play FM and what keeps me doing it is people such as you, Guido, the Away Stand, Shrewnaldo (FM Veteran) etc and websites/blogs such as this which open ones minds to the infinite possibilities and ideas that one can explore to continue playing FM year after year. If they/you stop I will also stop buying their game !!!!!

    It is for this reason that I tried to promote you on FM Base and elsewhere at every given opportunity as the FM GOD you are

    I am sooo angry.

    Please dont disappear completely. Lets keep in touch somehow (through emails or whatever).

  37. Just a little “business” comment which may be of interest to SI.

    I have been playing Championship Manager 01/02 for a very long time and have been thinking during the past few weeks to finally make the move to FM. Which had always been described to me as a much more complex and detailed game. Before making my move and investing a significant amount of my “leisure” time on the FM franchise, I wanted to be sure of what I was about to do. The issue here for me being not money, but the time invested into understanding something as complex as FM. So I went on the official site for more details and was disappointed by the overall lack of information. It did not take me too long to find the SI Community forums, and very quickly I started reading a few articles – mainly from you Cleon, rashidi, a few others.

    I was stunned by the intelligence of those analysis and the huge depth in which you and a few others go into. Myself coming from strategy games such as the Civilization series or Baldur’s Gate (and FM looks and feels much more complex), I know that having such contributions and contributors is absolutely key to the gaming community. This game is not for a wide audience, it is for people who have a lot of time on their hands, the patience to play a strategy game and the intelligence to understand all the nuances and subtleties.

    Reading your posts has now convinced me that I will buy the game. Because it gave me the confidence that I would not be completely drowned by the complexity of FM when I first start the game and would get valuable on-line help, and also more importantly because I could see through your articles the amount of finesse and huge replayability for the game. In a word, if I see so much intelligence and effort dedicated to analyzing how FM works, then I know for sure it’s worth every penny. So I want to experience the thrill of FM too. I want to take my beloved clubs in Portugal and have my own Lucas Lima and Paulo Freitas, and see my own tactics outplay even the great Benfica and FC Porto.

    In other words you and a few others have been, for someone like me, the best sales persons for FM16. And at the age of 41, if I really enjoy the series, my investment will not be limited to just a one-off buy of FM16, it’s a long term customer that the series will gain. If it’s really that good I’d want to get my hands on FM15, FM12 and the best previous of the series. And there are probably many others like me.

    I sincerely hope you will go back to posting in the future. SI should really take better care of people such as you, otherwise it means they don’t quite understand their fan base that well.


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