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I’ve been playing FM15 since release day, Yep same save game currently nearing the end of the 2049/50 season. So I’m asked a lot on twitter.

“How do you keep the motivation to keep going?”

“What keeps you playing?”

“Aren’t you bored now all the players are regens?”

“Would you like to claim your free prize you are today’s winner”

Yea I’m sick of the last one bloody spam bots but the first three come up just as much and its pretty easy to answer them all if I’m honest.

A lot of people consider FM15 as a sprint a lot of people like to race through 1 or 2 seasons get bored and start again. Personally I treat FM15 as a marathon be it a single club save or a journeyman save there is are two things that are important Goals.. and…..erm…..Goals.

Goals are important goals win football matches and that’s what we are all about isn’t it? We both want to become the best manager on FM picking up trophies like its going out of fashion playing football the way YOU want to play it not dictated by others. (Unless it’s your board you do as you’re told or you’ll be out on your ear!)

And Goals, This second one is hard to define, everyone playing Football Manager has different in-game goals, some do the pentagon challenge winning the CL in a different continent before moving on. Some do the Dafuge challenge of taking a newly promoted Conf North/south side to glory (how I got into lower league management), others like to take over an already big club sign big players and just win the lot.

So when people come to me on twitter and ask for advice on how to stay motivated for so long it’s pretty hard to tell you the magic formula. Personally weather I’m doing a journeyman or a solo clubs save I have the same long-term goals:

* Become top of the games Hall of Fame

* Build a dynasty

* Manage my hometown club Sunderland

Even one club saves I normally switch before release of the next FM or just before I get bored to Sunderland. But alongside the long-term goals I have plenty of short-term goals. If anyone is following my twitter for the save I’m currently doing will know I created a now defunct team in Sunderland Albion. Put them in Tier 9 and worked my way up. So the first few short-term goals were fairly obvious get the club financially viable, get the club into the football league do the odd cup run to aid finances.

What I didn’t realise was in doing these I helped set up another set of short-term goals later in the game. These were all down to the fact the club had no history when I created it no records so all the players were setting these for the first time.

So once I had reached the football league it was time for phase 2 of the goals. Get to the premier league, continue to do well in the cups and get a few youngsters coming through the youth team and my most important one was to get a tactical system set up. I know I sometimes bang on about this on twitter but for me getting the system is as important as getting the right players, everyone knows I think that to get to the football league pace is Number 1 with fast poor players you will still win games. Once you’re in the football league that doesn’t work as well so you also need a tactical system in place. For me I went with my favourite formation below:


Now I know this is from the current date but the formation and general team instructions I came up with in League 2 it’s how I like to play, the best basis for going the distance IMO is getting the tactics side nailed down as once that’s done it gets A LOT easier to progress. This system I’ve used for nearly 20 season and still going strong with it, I’m not a “tactical expert” by any length of the imagination I know how I want to play and I tweak till that works I’ve also got my under 21s & U18s playing that way to ensure smooth transition.

On the route from the bottom to the top one of my other short-term goals is player appearances. First I had Phil Armstrong who I played from 16 he picked up 751 Apps in all competitions scoring 415 goals:


Then came along Ross Walton who I made it my goal to beat Armstrong’s appearance record and he did making 917 apps before he retired,


Both of these players are now in the clubs backroom staff with Armstrong my Assistant manager and long-term Number 2. Walton has become my U21s manager

Next up is another short-term goal in over taking @TomTuck01’s CR7 record of 88 goals in 62 apps, and this Guy Luke Phillips is leading the charge. Currently has 57 goals in 42 appearances

And for the long-term appearance record is this guy he came through the U18 intake with excellent mentals and will be my main CB for the next 20 seasons easy so I’m looking for him to hit 700 league apps for me at least before retirement.


So my current medium term targets is to get the clubs appearance records done. Targets I’ve had in the past and done include getting a new ground, getting a 2nd new ground named after me, and my current long-term goal or becoming the most celebrated team in all competitions.

With the sort term goals of continuing to win trophies score goals aiming for every record in my save, also break records of other people I speak too.

As you can see its all about the goals you set yourself to continue the motivation everyone is different some people don’t like constantly winning and sometimes it does get boring when I’m in a journeyman save at this point ill leave for a different club move on and start again. In a one club save ill look to other small challenges to keep me going for example the appearances or getting a new stadium or even trying to beat people’s goal records.

It’s all about what will keep you motivated. If you need to jump clubs, then jump clubs if you need to build your bank balance to an unreal amount keep making money if you get to the top and want to jump to the bottom and start again but in the same save do that, this game has so many possibilities and don’t let anyone else tell you how to play it.


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  1. Great read! Inspires one to make a marathon save. I was wondering how you play matches in terms of highlight settings and camera view. Thanks!

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