From Pyongyang To Chapeco

This is a little introduction from guest author @Acidburn81 and his plans for Football Manager 16.


I thought I’d write a quick preview on what I hope will be my one and only FM16 save. Any one who follows my FM adventures on Twitter should be aware that I had a stupidly long save on FM13. I started with a small Brazilian side called Chapecoense and went on to manage Flamengo, Philadelphia, Sunderland, Crewe, Salamanca, Genk, Dnipro, Nautico, PSV, Atalanta and finally I returned to Chapecoense in 2082 and my save ended in 2090.

I developed an affection for Chapecoense and try to follow them a bit in real life, although their games aren’t on BT Sport whenever the Brazilian football is on. The reason was after my FM13 save Cleon made me aware that the club were on the brink of promotion to the Brazilian First Division. This is where things got a little bit strange as just like my FM13 save the club in real life shot up the divisions and at the moment are hopefully in the process of becoming a mid table top division team but have drifted to within three points of the relegation places.

Also people on Twitter should know I love a good obscure league I’ve played in loads of downloaded odd nations especially in Asia. On FM15 I took up the manager name of Kim Jong Acid being as my internet name has mostly been AcidBurn(named after Angelina Jolie’s character from the film Hackers)I decided I’d give North Korea a try and had a decent enough save starting there and working my way up.

The Manager

Kim Jong

Name – Kim Jong Acid

Nationality – North Korean

D.O.B – 28th August 1981

Previous Experience – Sunday League Footballer

Badges – None

Leagues To Load

Asia – North Korea, Thailand, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, China and Australia.

Africa – Morocco, Ivory Coast, Algeria, DR Congo.

South America – Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile.

North America – MLS, Costa Rica and Mexico.

Europe – England.

I’ll be starting my career in Asia so North Korea is obvious then I added a few leagues I’ve wanted to try or ones I’ve had a good time in when I’ve been there before. Thailand was great fun on FM15 the Arab nations are always good ones to go to just for the cash of the bigger sides, same with China. I’ve not been to Australia for ages I think FM10 was probably the last time I went there. Makes sense to add the bigger ones if I want to work my way to the top of Asia before leaving for a new continent.

Africa is a place I’ve not really been to that much on FM, I had a good stint on FM15 in Tunisia but it was stupidly easy there. In the past I’ve managed in Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa so thought I’d load a few leagues up to try, Congo is mainly due to them have one dominant team in TP Mazembe who would go season after season unbeaten when I had the league running. Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia were three places I loaded on my FM15 journeyman save but only got to visit Tunisia so might as well have the other two loaded!

The Americas are where I will hopefully spend the longest part of my save, if things go according to plan I’d like to build a reputation in Asia then move to a small South American nation or Costa Rica. I always enjoy a play in the MLS so that needs to be loaded as well even if it’s just a quick couple of seasons stop off at some point in my journey.

Europe is always on the agenda at some point mainly if the Crewe or Sunderland jobs come up so to start with I will only load England. Once I get further on and have no plans to return to Asia I’ll remove the Asian leagues and add a few European ones in. I’ve not decided which but after discussions on Twitter I’d like a move to an Austrian club or one of the former USSR nations.

The Main Aim

The main aim is to go from North Korea to Brazil and become the manager of Chapecoense where I hope I can stay a long time. Now some people may consider this cheating in Brazil it’s hard to cope with a small club financially without an individual TV deal. The TV money I had with Chapecoense from the TV deal clubs without an individual deal have never been over £6m a season, when I managed Nautico due to our success we had a deal worth £68m a season. Now the standard deal kept getting lower on FM13. So I plan to add individual TV deals for all the clubs in the First and Second Divisions of Brazil.

Once at Chapecoense I’d like to make them as big as I possibly can before moving on to maybe another lower down club or seeking a move to Europe. That’s it really only two aims start in North Korea and make Chapecoense a huge club quite simple really! I’ll be posting season by season updates on this blog and hoping I can get past the 2090 I managed on FM13, although with Fallout 4 and a few other console games out this year and early next I’m not sure that is achievable!

You can find me on Twitter at @AcidBurn81 I talk a load of rubbish on there so you’ve been warned.

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