Dealing With The 4-5-1

A flat 4-5-1 isn’t that hard to play against for me due to it being quite defensive really. It doesn’t have an attacking midfielder so my Regista should be able to dictate the game more and just be a spare man to track runners that my midfielders can’t. They also don’t use a defensive midfielder which means my Treq should have quite a bit of space to play in. The tricky part is getting past the flat five in midfield.

The changes I made for this game were;

  • I removed the retain possession shout
  • I added the higher tempo shout
  • I removed the play narrower shout

The two shouts I removed are for the reasons I’ve mentioned in the posts above. Higher tempo was added so I could look to get in behind Preston faster when I was attacking and try to utilise the fact they didn’t have a defensive midfielder in the side.

This is from a goal kick and you can see my defensive shape clearly on this image. While I’m not marking the players tightly my players are aware of them and know what they have to do and are positioned well to deal with this. I initially win the ball but my box to box midfielder heads the ball straight to the Preston midfield which results in this happening;

Laird has just had the ball played to him and is going to drive forward. Even though my players made a mistake just look at the numbers I have back and there seems to be little penetration from Preston.

He doesn’t have many options and only has one realistic target he can aim for but I have bodies back to deal with the situation and there is no way barring an error that they can score from here.

And just like that my defender heads the ball clear….

I won the game 2-0;

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