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This is the second Community Focus that we have had on this site. This time we focus on Steve who runs a brilliant blog. I’ll let him tell you more.

Hi everyone, my name is Steve or if you follow me on Twitter you will know me as @thatfmregen. I’m a massive Leicester city fan and although I live in Crawley, West Sussex I have a season ticket and try to attend most home games when work doesn’t get in the way!

Ever since my dad brought me Championship Manager in 1992 I was hooked on football management games. 23 years later and the urge to take rubbish teams to the top is still there. The game has evolved and improved so much in the past few years and now it takes a special kind of person to become an FM legend.

Over the past 12 months I have taken lots of advice off of these legends and although I don’t claim to be one I do feel I have a grip on the game so much that I always seem to do well in the game. Now I’m not saying I’m a genius, I am so rubbish at making tactics that sometimes I even download other people’s tactics, I have tried to stop that in this version of FM as I feel plug and play doesn’t work now, which is a good thing

Anyway enough of my rambling, if you have read my blog before you will know I ramble a lot!

In the past year I have really tried to improve my writing skills and do saves that are a little different to the norm.

In FM15 I did 3 very successful saves, all good challenges, the first one was the Alphabet Challenge where I started in the A nations and tried to work my way to Wales which is the final nation in alphabetical order. I managed to get all the way to Israel nearly half way through before my laptop wiped itself and lost my save.

The second challenge I did was the ever popular Pentagon Challenge and managed to complete it in 15 seasons.this even included taking a recently relegated Manchester City back to the top and made them European Champions in 6 seasons!

The third thing I did was run a save solely based on Twitter where I took Hinckley AFC who start in England’s level 10. I guided them to 9 promotions in 10 seasons and after 18 seasons I had got made Hinckley a top 4 side! Probably the best save I have ever had in any FM version!

So what are my current and planned ideas for FM16? If you don’t follow my blog or Twitter I am currently running a couple of saves.

My first one was only supposed to be a one season save on the beta version but I have enjoyed it so much, it is with my beloved Leicester city. I am now in my 6th season and a firm fixture in the top 4, but I can’t seem to overtake Man U at the top. If you want to read my journey follow this link


My second save on my blog is currently taking a little break as I concentrate on my other save which you will see in a minute. The save that’s on a break is called “the ultimate hero challenge” the idea is to gain the 6 hero achievements on steam. To get these you need to take team in the bottom division to the top division. The 6 nations you can do this in are: England, Scotland, France, Spain, Italy and Brazil. I am currently 7 seasons in and just gained my first one taking Lealtad of Spain from the bottom division to La Liga. If you want to see my journey follow this link


My other save that I have just started is s revisit of the Alphabet challenge. I am doing this solely on Twitter, follow me and you will see game by game updates and also transfers and any news, job offers, etc

So that’s just current saved but I do have some others in the pipeline. Follow me on Twitter and you will my plans as they come out, but as a teaser I do plan to revisit the Pentagon Challenge and also Hinckley AFC hopefully with the real life squad, but if you any ideas if interesting saves to do I’m always happy to hear them.
Anyway I won’t keep you any longer, thanks for reading and I’ll speak to you all soon

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