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We are back with another Community Focus this week. The idea behind this is, to highlight other FM sites, channels, streamers or bloggers. If you’re interested in being featured then please let me know either in the comments section below or on Twitter.

First of all I would like to thank Cleon for the opportunity to use his blog to put over my very own, it just shows that the Football Manager community welcomes new writers who are trying to get their material out there to as many readers as possible.

Secondly, I thought I’d speak briefly about how I started out with Football Manager. My first viewing of Football itself was World Cup ’94, I would have been 12, a little later than some due to the fact that neither of my parents were into Football, apart from a brief stint my mother had going to watch Leeds in the ’70s. I’d then start playing the old International Superstar Soccer on the SNES and then I acquired an Amiga and it came with Sensible World Of Soccer. Not many people seem to remember, but Sensible World of Soccer came with a management mode, it wasn’t greatly in-depth or anything, but taught me a lot about the names of real life players, who the good players were and basic formations. Then my friend at school told me about a football management game he played called ‘Championship Manager’. So, off I went to Electronics Boutique (remember that place?) and managed to persuade my mum to buy me Championship Manager 93/94 and I’ve had every single copy each year since then.

So finally, after a couple of years doing the odd blog draft that was never released due to a few confidence issues, I decided to write-up and finally release one, titled ”We talk about it for 20 minutes and then we decide I was right” (which is a Brian Clough quote for those wondering)

The first save I have chosen is one with Milan, due to my love of Italian football which again started in the ’90s, we didn’t have Sky and the only regular access to football I had was  10am on a Saturday morning and 2pm on a Sunday afternoon with James Richardson and Gazzetta Football Italia. I miss the Milan of old, even though I am a Juventus fan, that rivalry was brilliant, but recently Milan have slid in stature, they haven’t been in the Champions League for a couple of seasons now due to finishing pretty much mid table and that in itself is a travesty. Another reason I chose Milan is after a press conference I read about with Sinisa Mihalovic, saying he’s building a Milan side made up of mostly Italian players, which is great for the club, the league and the Italian National team, so I’ve decided to expand on that and eventually I hope to make the entire squad home-grown either from the youth academy or scouted youth players bought from other Italian teams.

So far the response to the blog has been fantastic. The articles tend to be slightly shorter than many of the other blogs I’ve seen, this is due to time constraints I have at home, but feedback on that has been positive with people saying they like a shorter alternative, so the shorter posts will continue, perhaps with a longer one for complete season overviews.

In the future I will be including a little more tactical analysis and experiments, features on particular players and their developments from youth academy to world beaters (hopefully!) and other saves with different philosophies and ideas.

So, here is a link to the full blog


Also, here is a little video that some may remember, to get you in the mood.

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