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It’s very rare that a blog really grabs my interest but this is exactly what John McIntosh has done. He’s quickly becoming another one of my favorite bloggers with his Union Berlin save. So go and check him out if you don’t already follow him. Links to his blog and Twitter account are included at the end of the article.

Hello fellow FM enthusiasts, that’s a better word than addicts, right? Firstly a thank you to Cleon for giving me the opportunity to shamelessly promote myself and my blog, it’s much appreciated.

In terms of a background to myself, I’m 24 years old, a Rangers season ticket holder (I know, stick with me) and a big FM fan of course. I live in Scotland and the first Football Manager game I bought was Football Manager 2005 and I’ve had every version since, although I had played LMA Manager and previous Championship Manager series at a friends house most weekends.

To this day Football Manager 2008 is probably my favourite release but it’s just a personal opinion that has a lot to do with signing a young Lulinha from Corinthians who would turn out to be incredible for me, I don’t think his actual career came to much which is a shame.

Of the “modern” series I think this version is up there at this early stage in terms of polishing a lot of things and making a few things more accessible and the visual representation of things like commercial/sponsorship yearly updates is much improved but have they sorted out some ridiculous goalkeeping howlers? In my opinion no.

In terms of my blogging journey, I used to just post irregularly on a couple of forums but it wasn’t really an engrossing experience. Over the last 18 months to 2 years I’ve followed some great blogs and it inspired me, so my first blog was with Parma last year using a database update and after back to back promotions I was in Serie B, my save then corrupted and I hadn’t done the normal thing of auto rolling saves. Idiot.

Following from that I went to manage and blog about my football club Rangers but in all honesty I shouldn’t have and after 3 years I had got bored of the save, so I took a break from around May until the release of the new series before blogging again with the hope I would be refreshed and able to make a series 10-15 years.

I am loving my time at Union Berlin and it’s hands down the best series I have written so far, the interaction has been really pleasing which for me what it’s all about, not the number of views. So far I have also been able to commit to half yearly updates once a week and it is a schedule that suits me right now, things may change but right now you can expect consistent updates and we’re moving into season four.

I had planned on the new blog for about two months before the release of Football Manager 2017 and had took time to research the history of Union Berlin which is a club fairly unique in a lot of ways, the FM blogging community is also growing and very strong right now but for myself, being quite new there are lots of top people always willing to help out.

If you want to check my blog out, you can here and you can easily find the Union Berlin series but here is a link to the first blog update

You can also get me on twitter @JohnMcIntosh19. I’ll get back to you if you want to discuss anything, if you follow me beware I may talk about Rangers as well as Football Manager. If you can handle that then give me a follow and I’ll follow back.

I’ve also just booked a charity skydive for this summer and I will be raising funds for Children with Cancer UK, I’ll be sending out tweets with a JustGiving page so people can donate if they wish, you’d be a hero if you do. They are an amazing charity and I don’t have to explain the devastating effects cancer has but when children get it, it seems even more cruel.

Thanks everyone for reading!

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