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Community focus is where an individual who produces Football Manager content and writes a little bit about themselves and then I promote it on my blog. It doesn’t matter what kind of platform you play Football Manager on and is doesn’t matter what type of Football Manager content you produce. All that matters is it is Football Manager related. If this is something you’d like to take advantage of then please get in touch with me via Twitter and I’ll gladly advertise you.

This week in the community focus we take a look at Daryl, who is a Football Manager streamer.

Hello I’m Daryl Glover also known as FMadvisor within the community. I’m a 25-year-old football manager addict like most of you and have been for many years. Leicester City is the team I have supported since I was 3 years old #LCFC. I was a season ticket holder but now I’m looking to move into my 1st house the funds are not there right now, But I’ll be getting one again that’s for sure.

Where did it all begin… Championship Manager 01/02 what a game that was ever since that I knew managing game’s was for me, I have owned football manager since 2006 I will not stop buying or playing this game. I have only recently in the last 3 years started long saves and started making my own tactics. I have only really found out about the community and all the content out there for everyone to see, It’s amazing and I make sure I watch and read whenever I can.

Streaming is something I’m really new to but something I really love doing. Showing the community my saves as I play them gives me a buzz and I love having a talk in the chat about my viewers saves. I’m still rather new to this streaming life so please any advice don’t hesitate to tell me. There is always something to be learned in this community no matter what. I also stream challenges that you guys want to see me attempt so anything you want to see TELL ME. The stream is rather basic at the moment but improving it at a rapid pace.

I have a Twitter account so you guys can check out how I’m doing in saves when I’m not LIVE, I also tweet information on the game when I learn anything to help the newer people to the game out. I tweet about everything I do on this game and RT some great content you guys should check out from some talented people. This twitter is purely all football manager related.

Most important guys enjoy this amazing game and have fun in what you do.

Stream – www.twitch.tv/FMadvisor

Twitter – www.twitter.com/TheFMadvisor

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