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It’s been a while since I did a community focus but it’s a regular feature I want to bring back to the blog. So if you have a FM blog, channel, website or stream you want to promote then get in touch with me and I’ll be glad to use this blog to help you self promote.


Howdy folks! Let me tell you a bit about my Football Manager background….

Up until early this year I was solely a voyeur of Football Manager content. I’d read tactical blogs religiously and toyed with the idea of starting my own anonymously named blog. Then a few personal incidents led me to sit up and think: ‘You know what, who gives a toss? If you want to do something and enjoy doing it, why does it matter what other people think?’

Just before this realisation, I’d recently started watching gaming YouTubers and had happened across a few FM videos. This was the kick-start I needed and I created my own YouTube channel in March 2016.

I’ve been playing the game since the first edition of Championship Manager (yep, I’m that old). My Dad used to buy every version and I’d watch him playing for hours. I was his unofficial assistant until the day he decided that me putting in the hours just watching meant I deserved my time in the hot-seat! I still list beating my Dad’s Man Utd team along to the way to becoming European Champions with Liverpool on the original Championship Manager as one of my greatest achievements! We didn’t play many times together after that!

I do have one confession. I didn’t own FM10, FM11 and only bought FM12 in the summer of 2012 so relatively near the end of its shelf-life. The Tactical Creator was a concept I struggled with at first, so I came to sites like this and the SI tactics forum to soak in as much information as I could. FM13 was the first recent version I had properly gotten into since FM09 and I’ve barely put the game down since!

My first series on YouTube was with West Ham in FM16 and looking back now, the first few episodes of that were a real learning curve. I got into my groove towards the end of the series and we ended up winning silverware in the 3rd and final season.

In FM17 I started with Arsenal in the beta and have continued with the save. Plans for the channel going forward are to start a long-term series with my team, Aldershot in the coming weeks, which (hopefully) will be a road to glory type save where we’ll take my beloved Shots to places they’ve never been before. Like Leicester. Or Derby.

Here’s the link to the first Arsenal episode on the channel: …

and here’s a link to the channel itself:

If you like your FM content sprinkled with some humour and a tiny amount of tactical nous, why not drop by there and say hello, or you can follow me on twitter @addicted_to_FM

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