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We are back again with another Community Focus, this time focusing on streamer Lee and his YouTube and Twitch channels. 

Hey folks, my name is Lee Maxwell , although I’m known around the FM scene as Maxi or 21Maxwell. I am a season ticket at Motherwell Football club, the team I support and I also have a soft spot for Manchester United, as they were the team who got me into football in the first place.

My first management game was Ultimate Soccer Manager 98/99, just a year after I got into football, and since then I moved onto Sir Alex Ferguson Manager/LMA Manager and then of course the Championship Manager series.

My first game was Champ 01/02 and I only got the game because a mate highly recommended it and everyone else did, so I thought it was the cool thing to do. What started as a 0-0 draw at West Brom in a friendly with United (Yes, I remember my first ever game) as turned into nearly 15 years of adventures and memories.

I wouldn’t say I’m amazing at the game, I just love going on a long journey and creating memories along the way, bringing through and developing newgens is one of my favourite parts as well.

As for tactics, well, I just try to base mine of ideas I get from watching games of football. So if I’ve watched Man Utd before I play, I’ll look to play a more possession based system. This has included trying out 3-5-2 at times.

I don’t feel I really got proper into long-term saves until 2010, where I took Notts County from lower leagues to Champions League glory, this continued the following year with Huddersfield, and the year after that saw me try a long-term save with Dortmund, where I completely destroyed Bayern Munich’s legacy.

FM14 saw me end up at Sheffield United, where everything happened, from winning League One, to winning the Champions League final with a newgen son scoring in the game. I got the save to 2051, a record for me.

FM15 saw me do something I had never done before, take my local club Motherwell to Champions League success. After 6 years behind Celtic, I finally won the title with a last-minute against them on the last day of the season, thus Fraser Kerr Target man was born.  Fifteen league titles in a row followed before that fateful night, where we defeated Monaco 3-2 to win our maiden Champions League. It made me so proud I was able to do this, and bring on a FM newgen son for the last 5 minutes.

So what am I doing now, well I have a FC Porto save on YouTube, which will be ending soon and I’ll hopefully transitioning into a save with a Championship side and hopefully take them to Champions League glory.

My main save however, which I have been playing some of on Twitch and also with frequent updates on twitter, is my 51 Challenge – Where I aiming to win every top-tier league playable in the game from the start. There is no rule on which club comes when, the move just has to happen natural, ie It being vacant and applying and getting the job. Starting with a national footballer (Non International) reputation, and National A qualifications, I started off at Celtic (Reason being to start at home, and well I was sick of managing in Scotland, so wanted it out the way early) before moving on from there.

My journey so far has had ups and down, winning 11 league titles so far, but failing in a few countries as well. A highlight of the save so far was the 2018 World Cup with Russia, where we got to the final only to lose 4-3 to Argentina and a Sergio Aguero 120th minute winner, “You’ll never see anything like it again” they said.

You can also follow the progress of my journey with this document.

All dates of the journey are listed, and screenshots are provided with all signings, league tables, average ratings, you name it!

Thanks for reading and most important, just enjoy the game! It’s all about the up’s and down’s!

You can follow me on Twitter here @21Maxwell

My YouTube channel is 21MaxwellGaming

My Twitch channel is 21Maxwell

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