Chapecoense the Three Part Season

This is the first installment from guest blogger Acidburn81 about his journey in Brazil. Knowing Acid well, this should be a roller coaster of a ride. if you like it, give him a follow on Twitter.

Three Parts To A Season

I blogged about my initial plans for FM16 but when I got the game I did something silly and started a save with Chapecoense in an attempt to “get used” to the game. Predictably I have really enjoyed this first season so instead of gallivanting around the world hoping to eventually land in Brazil at Chapecoense, I’ve decided to just start my main career here and maybe never move. I loaded a few leagues that will hopefully give me the best chances of selling players on so based on my time in Brazil in the past I loaded England, Turkey and Russia from Europe. I then added obviously Brazil along with Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Colombia hoping that this will keep continental competition a bit more competitive.

I added a file at the start of the game that gives Chapecoense an individual TV deal. Normally they’d get around £5m to £6m a season. I copied the amount of £11m a season from other clubs whose reputation is similar. The fun part of a save in Brazil is seeing the TV deal grow with success. I managed Nautico for several seasons and their deal when I joined them was £16m a season, by the time I’d won 10 league titles and several Libertadores we were getting £56m a season, a big difference from £5m! So hopefully I can grow that deal with the success I hope I can bring Chapecoense.

Bear with me for a few lines while I explain my choice of Chapecoense, I’m sure most of you have heard it before so if you have you can skip this paragraph. On FM13 I had my best save ever starting and ending in the small Brazilian club Chapecoense. After I got them from the Third Division to the First Division a few months later I was told by Cleon that they were close to promotion to the First Division. In the end the club mirrored my rise from bottom to top. Since then I’ve taken a big interest in them and hope to really build them into a top world-class side.

Part One – The Inevitable AcidBurn Start To A Season

12 Games

12 Results

So what the hell is this all about? Well I’ve been known to make awful starts to seasons as I mess around with tactics and formations but this is probably my worst start ever. We have hardly any money and can’t attract anyone decent on loan or on a free. We managed to get a striker called Ivan Bulos in for £250k a big outlay for us and our record spend. After five defeats in a row I was starting to wish I’d stuck myself in North Korea instead but a win against the then top placed Corinthians away from home gave me some hope. However it was short-lived as we were dismantled five more times and apart from the narrow 2-1 loss against Ponte Preta we deserved to lose every single match.

We managed to grab our second win of the season to lift us off bottom place with yet another away win. Our fans were suffering and I was annoyed, so I decided to go to a simple 4-2-3-1 formation and add some team instructions that fit what I consider the way Chapecoense play in real life. Counter attacking and focusing the play through Camillo probably our best player and main man at AMC pulling the strings.

Part Two – Rising From Relegation

25 Games

25 Games

As you can see things started to pick up big time by sticking to a simple tactic. After the draw with Figueirense I was summoned to the board room and told I needed to get 6 points from the next 5 matches or I’d be sacked. I must admit given that we had three away games I thought we’d have no chance and I’d be off before my career had even started. We bagged the first three of the required points with a 2-0 win at home for once against Paranaense two great goals including a thumping header from the big lad at the back secured the points. Then we threw away a lead but managed to salvage a draw thanks to Bulos finally starting to get into the swing of things.

Then it was back down to earth when Cruzeiro smashed us 3-1 in a game where I might as well have played 11 buckets of crap instead. Then an away win once again against the top team in the league giving me the points that saved my job! However we followed that with a loss at home to fellow relegation battler Coritiba. A draw against Santos and a win against our rival club Avai saw us rise out of the relegation zone for the first time of the season and we never looked back………

We surpassed the board expectations in the cup when we got to the fourth round and were unlucky to lose against Vasco on away goals. This competition was an annoyance for me on FM13 where I lost three finals in a row.
Part Three – Mandatory Drug Tests!

End Season

End of Season Results

The Brazilian FA should really look into my players a bit more, how can we go from two wins in twelve to start the season and end like this. No loss in the last eight and stacked with six wins, the whole team played brilliantly from back to front we even added a new highest win by putting six past Ponte Preta including a Bulos hat trick. We started to win at home as well although to be fair we were winning everywhere, not a bad end for little Chapecoense predicted to finish 20th.

A Chapecoense F_ History Best Eleven-3

As you can see things picked up when we switched to this formation. The bad thing for us is Wagner, Ananias, Barbio and Apodi all returned to their parent clubs who are not willing to re loan them to us. We are currently sat with only eight first team players but we’ve got £70k a week in wages and £5m to try to fill the squad out through the State Championships. We also saw three of our players make the starting eleven in the Team of the Year. Vilson, Ananias and Bulos all making it in meaning we had the most from one team, again not bad for a small club.

I’m hoping this will turn into my long-term save for FM16 if there’s no crashes of course. You can find me on Twitter @Acidburn81 where I do post about my game as it goes on. Cleon can vouch for me here by confirming this was a typical season for me, over the years I am used to starting so badly and then somehow turning things around to finish way above expectations. With so many players needed for next season it could be another tricky one, which I guess does make it entertaining!

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