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Community Focus – John McIntosh

It’s very rare that a blog really grabs my interest but this is exactly what John McIntosh has done. He’s quickly becoming another one of my favorite bloggers with his Union Berlin save. So go and check him out if you don’t already follow him. Links to his blog and Twitter account are included at the end of the article. Continue reading Community Focus – John McIntosh

Taking The Community Back

A lot has happened in the last 24 hours after I announced I was stopping writing FM content. That’s still the plan and regardless of what changes if any are made by SI it’s too late for me I’m afraid. However that is not why I’m posting. I’m actually posting because I want to help and be part of the solution rather than sat on Social Media bad mouthing SI, as that solves nothing and won’t get us far. So I thought I’d share some ideas with you of what myself and Dave (Caleyjag) have planned. Some of you might know Dave and others might not. If you don’t know him, then he was the original creator and founder of Sortitoutsi (Susie) and made that site into one of the biggest and most active sites there ever was from 2003 to about 2007. Since then he’s created many other niche sites but quit FM’ing many years ago. However we both have the same vision and wanted to show you what we are working on and why. Continue reading Taking The Community Back

Community Focus – FM Advisor

Community focus is where an individual who produces Football Manager content and writes a little bit about themselves and then I promote it on my blog. It doesn’t matter what kind of platform you play Football Manager on and is doesn’t matter what type of Football Manager content you produce. All that matters is it is Football Manager related. If this is something you’d like to take advantage of then please get in touch with me via Twitter and I’ll gladly advertise you. Continue reading Community Focus – FM Advisor