Belmondo Diary June 2017

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THURSDAY June 1st, 2017

Thor came equal first in Goalkeeper of the Year voting, but because the league loves Ajax, #1 went to Cillessen. Messi won Best Player in Europe, which is probably not too surprising. Real Madrid didn’t lose a match all season.

Manager of the Year in our league went to Jans, Cocu, and van de Looi, naturally.

The board sent out a press release to announce the expansion of the Goffertstadion. This is good news as we had about 98% attendance last season. Maybe a bit more money can help us buy some players. The cattle call on right now is mind boggling. I’m being offered players by agents, rumored to be interested in others in the papers, as well as receiving offers from clubs for my guys.

SATURDAY June 3rd, 2017

Pep and Bayern won the Champions League 1-0 over Benfica. Bayern has six starters in the Dream Team. One day…

On the local front, we got to announce a few new sponsorship deals which pretty much double our total sponsorship money. Can’t complain about that. Hopefully I’ll be getting a memo about how much we can spend in the transfer window, which is currently going on all around me. I can’t play yet because my piggy bank is empty.

SATURDAY June 10th, 2017

So, I’ve got my team philosophy worked out. Well, ish. We’re ranked top of the league for work rate and third for team work. I’m happy with that, but want team work higher. I also want players across the park who make good decisions. We’re fourth there, but need to be first. Passing and positioning are also important. We’re 5th and 4th there. I’ll be looking for players rated highly in each of those five areas. That also means current players lacking in those areas will be surplus. Most significantly, that means Carlos Calvo’s days are limited. He did well for us this season, but my eyes are facing forward, and his eyes are rarely anywhere but on himself.

Our setup on the pitch is going to stay mostly the same, but I’m giving the players more freedom to make decisions. For the first two seasons, I wanted them to stick to their positions and play wide. I’m now letting them be more fluid in their approach and am happy for them to use their decision-making skills. If I can build a team of players who work together, make good decisions, and position themselves well, then I feel more comfortable letting the midfield make more attacking runs. That means giving Joey permission to bomb into the box. His shots on target were atrocious last season because he was shooting from range all the time.

FRIDAY June 16th, 2017

My goalkeeper corps is rated worst in the league. Well done on letting Thor go. Jimmy Smits had better improve quickly or I am going to have to spend my transfer budget on a keeper. Speaking of that, where is my transfer budget? The transfer window has been open for two weeks.

FRIDAY June 23rd, 2017

I just sold Joshua Brenet to FC Twente for $1.1 million dollars, which is exactly $1.1 million more than I paid for him. He had a stellar season, but I think that was because my tactics flattered him. I was happy to cash in. And lets face it, my tactics flatter all of our players. You’re welcome Joshua.

With that money, I purchased Souleymane Diarra, a central midfielder from Mali. I’ve been scouting him for about twelve months after he was publicly unhappy with his Hungarian team. He fits my new team profile and he’s young – 22. He likes getting forward and is happy to play as a false nine too. That’s handy because my tactics now feature a false nine.

I’ve got my eyes on a few other players. One is a right fullback from Brazil. He played in France last year in just a few games, but he checks all the boxes I’m looking for in building this team. He’s young and available for around $1.5 million. Once I get a transfer budget, I’ll make a bid. That lets me use Zimmerman as a left back or as a backup. He’s nice and versatile like that.

Jem Karacan is another who has been on the radar all year. He’s been transfer listed, but no-one has picked him up. That should trigger a warning bell, but I am yet to work out what could be wrong with him. He’s great from all I can tell from my scout reports and YouTube. What could go wrong? My only hesitation at the moment is that I’ve got three very good central midfielder at the club already. A fourth could create problems with game time for one of them, particularly with Breinburg and Bikel wanting to play.

Another midfielder is Rafael van der Vaart, who used to be a big deal, apparently. He’s playing for a second tier French side, so I’ve been prodding around a bit there to see if he’d be available. He can also probably take on that false nine role. Not that I don’t have too many strikers, already.

I need another right winger, but I haven’t found any that fit the bill yet. I’ll really need another one if I sell Calvo.

I’ve brought a couple of loans in from Bordeaux, but they’re both backups. One at keeper and one in central midfield. I don’t expect to write anything about them in here again.

FRIDAY June 30th, 2017

The World Cup has been moved to Argentina! It only took three years of international outrage for FIFA to make the decision. This is good news because I plan to be managing an international team at that point and didn’t want to get arrested for getting drunk after winning the first knockout game.

Also, why isn’t my board giving me a transfer budget? Clubs all around me are signing players and I’m left with $24,000 in the kitty. Missing the boat!

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