This is the second installment from our guest blogger Grant Sales.

So, onto staff.

I’m usually a lover of getting the best in possible with every role. Also, I do like to work with a Director of Football, as they can dig up some gems that I would never consider.


This is my DoF. His man-management seems good to me. But all I generally need a DoF for is to sell unwanted players and search for others. So the JPA and JPP for him seems OK? I mean, I’d want it higher, but who knows what’s good for Ligue 2? So I’m gonna look to replace him, but not hurry about it.


Well, well, you are a surprise, Gilbert. I shall call you Gilbey as a sign of my affection. A Working with Youngsters of 15 is a great sign. His JPP & JPA is average to mediocre, so getting him to bring in my youth might be a bit of a crap shoot, but that’s where I do my work anyway. Depending on whether I can get a good U-18 manager will mean whether or not I use him as my U-18 manager too.


Well. Well. Welp. This Ass Man is literally ass. His WWY is high ish, as is his MM. But, really? Everything else??? I wouldn’t trust him to assist on the cutting of a ribbon. He’s out. I need good tactical training and knowledge, plus good WWY.


Our U-19 Manager is adequate. He’s got a decent WWY and Man Management and he’ll survive this round of cuts. As average as a former Hollyoaks actress.


See, when it comes to fitness coaching, my eyes are immediately drawn to his Fitness Coaching level at 13. It’s not what I want. I like 15 or above. However, the Discipline and Motivating are higher than I would have expected from my usual hires, so again, he survives this round of cuts.


Oh. Oh my. I wanna make sweet, sweet love to you, my beautiful goalkeeping coach. He has everything I want, bar a higher WWY. However, I’m hoping the club will stump up for a coaching course.. Not that I have any idea what that will entail… GK is over 15, MM is high, as is Motivating.


Chief Scout. As average as the colour beige. As I don’t really have the room to manoeuvre on this, I’ll keep him there. I like to develop players anyway.

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