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So, we finished the season in 2nd place. I tried to adapt my formation like in my last post, but a combination of the African Cup of Nations and 4 defensive injuries, meant that I abandoned the changes that I tried to wring and went back to the original formation.

One thing I did notice was that I struggled holding a lead late on, a few times, and that, now I’m in Ligue 1, will kill me. So, this is what I’ll do…


Well, this is the second attempt at building a formation. The first one wasn’t bad, but not without it’s flaws, so I need a solid one that will get me to the finish line with a lead intact.

I tend to struggle with this particular formation to be honest, never been able to pull it off on any FM and it’s a source of frustration. So, let’s go head-first into it.


  • Keeper & Defenders? Same as in the previous formation.
  • Defensive Midfielder –  This guy need to be the kind of player that can drop back into the defence when needed and play forward with the ball when in possession. With the holes that I have spotted in my other formation when players drive at the heart of my defence, I need an extra roadblock in their way. Imagine a deeper Giberto Silva, playing the Half Back position.
  • Central Midfield Right – This guy is going to be the heart of the team, picking the ball up and patrolling the middle of the park. Having him as a Deep Lying Playmaker with a Defend duty, much like how Arsene uses Tomas Rosicky these days, means that he’ll also do well in our structure and also act as an obstacle for opposing teams trying to come through.
  • Central Midfield Left – Same setup as before.
  • Attacking Midfielder Right – Theo, Marc Overmars, even Brian Marwood. This guy will just pick the ball up and go. I need him to cause maximum damage on the counter attack for us, as we’ll be trying to limit damage from the opposition attacks. He’s going to be an Inside Forward.
  • Attacking Midfielder Left – Same role and style as the previous formation, only further up the pitch.
  • Striker – This will have to be an Advanced Forward with some pace to help out, think Kevin Campbell or Ian Wright.

Bring on the graphic!


The plan is to have us running at Counter mentality & Structured team formation, so as to be a little more solid. We want to  get the ball out ASAP to the wingers so More Direct Passing and Clear Ball To Flanks are needed instructions. I want us compact and deep, so as to draw the opposition in before springing the trap, so Play Narrower & Drop Deeper are ticked.

Keeping the same Higher Tempo shout, along with Get Stuck In and Close Down Less, purely to try to eliminate the driving runs. Let’s hope it works!


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