An FM’s Guide To An Idiot – Introduction

This is a new project that I’ll be hosting on here for guest writer Grant Sales. You can give him a follow on Twitter 

“Hi I’m Troy McClure! You might reme…

No, stop it. Hi! I’m Grant. And I’m an FM addict.

I’ve played every incarnation from CM Italia (Dennis Bergkamp at Inter!) right up to FM15. Sure,I’ve had some success, it’s true. But to be honest, I am an FM biff.

I was the guy that used Diablo on CM 03/04. I was that guy who attempted his own formations and watched them crumble to dust before his very eyes, before downloading one and just getting on with it. I was also the guy who bemoaned the fact you couldn’t just get by with one-size-Fitz-Hall formations as well.

And here I am! Attempting to make sense of it all from a real idiot’s point of view. So, come with me on this journey of discovery, as we see if I can actually understand something and build? Or if I just screw it all up as usual!

I must confess, I once got stuck into Calcio, that excellent history of Italian football, by John Foot and then, suitably inspired, created a catenaccio tactic that took me from Serie C2, to 6th in Serie A in 14 seasons on FM13.

That has been my single FM tactical success. Ever.

I have a love of youth systems and bringing through players to become first team players. Sadly, this usually means that I pick higher-ish teams (usually division below the top) and I go nowhere more exotic than Europe (I don’t play in England)

So, to business, I will be inhabiting the role of Pascal Manageréu,

a smooth talking French tracksuit manager taking over at Tours FC.


This club is in Ligue 2, so it means we’re big enough to try to get good youth players, but not so big that if..when.. I fail, I’m not going to be just tossed away like garbage. I always tend to pick a club that is flirting with relegation, so if I screw it all up, it won’t be as bad! So, let’s take a look at my new charges

Tours Football Club (pronounced: [tuʁ]; commonly referred to as simply Tours) is a French association football club based in Tours, the capital city of the Indre-et-Loire department. The club was formed in 1919 and currently play in Ligue 2, the second level of French football. Tours plays its home matches at the Stade de la Vallée du Cher located within the city.

Tours Football Club was founded in 1919 as under the name AS Docks-du-Centre. After two years of playing under the moniker, the club changed its name to AS du Centre. The club spent 30 years under the name as French football entered professionalism in the 1930s. In 1951, the club changed its name again to the current Tours FC. Under the Tours emblem, the club achieved success in its infancy reaching the Round of 64 in the Coupe de France thanks to player-coach Alfred Aston that same year.

Tours was promoted to the first division in 1980. Prior to the start of the season, the club signed prolific striker Delio Onnis from AS Monaco. Onnis improved the club’s attack significantly over the next three years and departing the club in 1983 after Tours suffered relegation. During Onnis’ stint between 1980–1983, Tours twice reached the semi-finals of the Coupe de France in 1982 and 1983.[1][2] The club was eliminated on both occasions by Paris Saint-Germain. In 1984, Tours quickly returned to the first division after winning Division 2 title. However, after one season, the club returned to the lower league. Tours have yet to manage a return to Ligue 1.[3]

During the club’s current absence from Ligue 1, Tours fell to the Championnat National, the third division of French football, after finishing dead last in the 2006–07 season. During the season, Albert Falette, the club manager for eight years was removed from his position. At the end of the season, the club released or sold almost all its players, including captain David Fleurival. The club only kept long-time goalkeeper Armand Raimbault and young prospect Rudy Wendling. The long-term outlook strategy paid off with the club finishing second in the 2007–08 National season, thus returning to Ligue 2, where the club currently remain.

Next time, we’ll go into how I look at a squad and my staff.

6 thoughts on “An FM’s Guide To An Idiot – Introduction”

  1. i’m follow this guide , im play like you, since cm1 , italian ed. asprilla and totto squillacci my 2 stars xD this season

  2. Good start, now onto number 2, I am totally loving this so far. keep it up. Have you got your own blog, love to follow you, if you do.

  3. I´m on a save in Chateauroux right now. First season i won the ligue 2 championship with a 4-2mc-3-1 playing narrow (1 winger and 2 amc). Standard mentality, press, Narrow and exploit centre.
    Tours beat me two times in my first season, but i blitzed through the rest of the competition.
    Im quite enjoying playing in france right now.

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