Ajax Tactic

The tactics that I’ll be using are fairly simple and fit into how I’ll be developing players, so its important I let you know how I’m playing. That way it’ll make more sense when I talk about how and why I’m developing players a certain way. I’m actually basing my whole approach on one particular game – The 3-1 win against Manchester City in the Champions League. To better understand what game I’m talking about I recommend you reading this brilliant article;


To make this viable in FM I have made some slight adjustments;

I’ve gone for the advanced playmaker on the right of my central pairing instead of the left. This offers me much better balance in Football Manager because I need the attacking midfielder left to be an attacking inside forward. If I also had the central midfielder as attacking this would upset the balance and make me more likely to be one dimensional or make it easier to defend against. So changing this role slightly it also allows me to be a threat down the right side and not only the left side.

If you’ve read the article I linked then you’ll understand why I have chosen the team instructions that I did. Basically that’s it, everything is covered now in terms of the settings and shape I use. I might touch upon the tactics in a lot more depth later on in the project though.

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