Ajax Staff

Signing staff who have similar personality types is a very wise idea because there is a chance these will get passed on to any newgens you get at the club. So make sure you get a head of Youth Development with the kind of personality you’d like your newgen players to have because there is a chance that they spawn with the desired personality. This can save you a lot of tutoring time.

Over the last few years there has been a change at Ajax and how the club is run with regards to training players and how the teach players. They still use the T.I.P.S system but it now runs even deeper than that. To explain further how it works I direct everyone to give this article a read and see exactly what I’m talking about, its a great piece about how its changed and what Ajax’s goals now are and when they are recruiting ex-players to be part of the staff;


As for my staff;


Reserves Manager

Reserves Assistant

Under 19’s Manager

Under 19’s Assistant

Head of Youth Development


Fitness Coaches

Goalkeeper Coach

U19 Goalkeeper Coach

Not all of these staff are good, in fact majority are quite poor. However to keep with the Ajax traditions I will be keeping most of them and hope they improve and if I can try and strengthen the coaching side with retired players from season 2 onwards.

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