Ajax Real Life Schedules

Let’s take a look at what drills Ajax use;

More Drills;

More drills;

More drills;

You can now see how the drills are linked to what I posted in post 3 of this thread. It’s a lot for a young player to take in, in my opinion. It’s very demanding and highly technical, you can see how the drills focus on the technical side of the game. Something which is important for the Ajax philosophy.

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  1. hi Cleon

    What do you think about a 3 week rotation Ball Control-Tactic-Attack in general training for Ajax philosophy?

    1. Pretty pointless because all you’d be doing then was really using a balanced general training lol. If you are rotating between the 3 its the same effect as leaving on balanced 🙂

  2. Really interesting this. I watched a BBC thing on Ajax, god it must have been back in the early 90’s before they won the Champions League and it was so interesting seeing how they developed players. I don’t think the basics have changed there for over 50 years, just advanced with the times which is incredible. When I started coaching kids football myself, and then ran my own soccer schools, I bought as much Ajax coaching material as I could, and the technical drills were really difficult. But, I found it more likely that kids aged 6-11 would pick them up ahead of kids aged 11+ – again showing the importance to train kids correctly as young as possible. I’m going to be reading up on all your Ajax stuff as it takes me back, but also as I want to learn how you incorporate training into the game.

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    1. I didn’t realise just how good Ajax are as a club and how much it means to the community until I started researching them for FM. Since then I’ve become slightly obsessed with them. Actually, because of all this Ajax stuff I’ve been invited to go and see their academy myself next year around March. I can’t wait for that it’ll be a great time.

      I still can’t believe all of this has come about because of FM 🙂

      1. Ah man, you are killing me with jealousy here. That is awesome! I know, you don’t really know how much a club means until you get to really know them. Since I got involved with Real Oviedo I have grown to love the club and people, being part of the movement that saved it actually felt like helping save a community. Nothing has been the same since!

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