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Addicted to FM is a site run by my good friend Rashidi. For the past 15 years or so, we’ve collaborated on a lot of things to do with Football Manager, some you will have realised and others not to much. We are always throwing ideas around and our work we do on Football Manager projects seem to compliment each other really well. With this in mind I thought I’d promote his work because it really is top notch. You can check out his site here;

Addicted to FM

He has a vast array of content ranging from hints and tips to full on tactical analysis and much more. Rashidi is also one of a few people who actually writes about youth development. To give you an idea of what to expect from his site here are some links that give you an idea of what Addicted to FM is all about.

Making Your First Tactical System – This link goes into great detail about creating a tactical system on Football Manager. It walks you thorough the whole process and gives you hints on the types of questions you should be asking when building a tactic.

Adapting – This is a series of articles all about adapting in game and using various different shapes. It’s really in-depth and detailed but it really is brilliant work and worth spending time to read if you are struggling or enjoy the tactical side of the game.

He offers a lot more but you’ll have to check out his blog to see for yourself the amount of topics he has covered over recent moves. Rashidi updates the blog almost constantly so there is always new stuff to check out.

In addition to all of this, he has now branched out into creating Football Manager videos. The videos he creates though are quite different to the normal videos you might expect to see, they are more tactical orientated at the minute and he also does short videos as well as lengthy ones. You can find videos that go into details about players preferred moves, different shapes, tactical instructions, different roles and a various of other things. I highly recommend you following him or checking out his Youtube channel.

Bust The Net – Youtube Channel

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