Abdelhak Nouri

Advanced Playmaker.

Start of Season

End of Season One

Year 1 – This is the player I’m most excited about at the club, he’s a really great prospect in real life and hopefully will go onto big things in the next couple of years. So the first thing I did here was get him tutored by Schone who had a better personality type. For his training I gave him a 2 month rotation of passing, off the ball, stamina and quickness.

End of Season Two

Year 2 – I had him tutored by the club captain De Jong. I also kept his individual focus as it was too as I felt he was improving nicely.

End of Season Three

Year 3 – I decided he was improving along nicely so I put him on the Treq schedule to concentrate on those attributes.

End of Season Four

Year 4 – Still same.

End of Season Five

Year 5 – Still same.

Nouri is having a lot of clubs currently chase him, the latest one is Milan who tabled an offer of £42.75 million for him. I declined.

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