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Welcome to The SI Sports Centre. I didn’t do much content wise for Football Manager 14 and used it to recharge my batteries as I didn’t enjoy the game at all. This wasn’t the games fault but on FM13 I had the best save that I’ve ever done so struggled to get into anything else. However I still managed to do the odd thing content wise like The Ajax Development, Creating A Tactic and The School of Defensive Arts projects which can all now be found on this blog. Even though they were originally wrote for FM14 they’re still very much relevant now for this years version of the game.

Moving forward, over the next few days, weeks and months this blog should become really busy with my FM15 exploits as I have plenty of things in store and have written a lot of stuff already. You can expect to see plenty of tactical analysis on all the popular formations as we take a look at how they function both in attacking phases and defensives ones. We’ll also be looking at the weaknesses and strengths of these formations to give a real insight into how these function in FM. As well as all of this there’ll be stuff about almost everything tactically and even articles by guest writers.

Without giving too much away some of the projects I have finished or half finished should be available rather quickly as they just need a few little touches to them before releasing. As well as all of this I’ll also be touching upon how I train, develop and even mould players into what I need from them tactically. Not much has changed on the training front for FM 15 so the Ajax stuff on this site is still a good source of information and not outdated at all.

So welcome to SI Sports Centre, I hope you enjoy what we have planned!

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