​Training Facilities Info

Some of these ratings have changed since FM13 but I believe this is all correct info and relevant for FM14 after checking it all thoroughly.

Corporate Attribute

Basic 1-2
Fairly Basic 3-5
Adequate 6-9
Average 10-12
Good 13-15
Top 16-20

Training Facilities

1-3 poor
4-5 Basic
6-7 below average
8-9 adequate
10-11 average
12-13 good
14-15 great
16-17 superb
18-19 excellent
20 Top

Youth Facilities

Basic 1-3
Poor 4-5
Below Average 6-7
Adequate 8-9
Average 10-11
Good 12-13
Great 14-15
Superb 16-17
Excellent 18-19
Top 20

Junior Co. Attribute

Minimal 1-2
Basic 3-5
Adequate 6-9
Average 10-13
Good 14-16
Excellent 17-19
Exceptional 20

Youth Rec. Attribute

Limited 1-2
Basic 3-5
Fairly Basic 6-8
Average 9-11
Above Av. 13-14
Established 15-16
Well Estab. 17-18
Extensive ​19-20

Youth recruitment rating is not only tied to finances, but it is also dependent on club location and nationality as these will affect the recruitment possibilities in the nearby regions. Having all the money in the world will not suddenly make the local talent pool amazing or even much better than it has been previously, but having more money and better facilities means you can make the most out of the talent that you can recruit to your youth system.

Look at it this way (an extreme example I know), if you took the richest team in the world with the best facilities and coaching staff and placed the team into Greenland, would you expect them to churn out golden generations of newgens all the time ?

The quote above is from Riz who is responsible for the training side of the game in Football Manager.

The next quote from The Hand Of God explains how all these options work and how the effect the type of regens you get and create.

Youth Recruitment = Increases likelihood of recruiting high PA youth and increasing how far your youth recruitment network will reach (low recruitment means you will probably only get local players who aren’t recruited by bigger clubs, high recruitment means you will get top talent from all over the world). Youth recruitment, however, is also affected by your club’s reputation.

Youth Facilities = The quality of the training facilities used by the players currently in your youth team. Good youth facilities will help your youth players improve more.

Junior Coaching = The quality of the coaching of the lower levels of your youth system. Basically, this represents coaching of youth players before they’re generated as 14/15 year-olds. In terms of game mechanics, high junior coaching will increase the average ability of your youth players when they’re first generated.

So in short it’s;

Recruitment = Regen PA
Junior Coaching = Regen CA
Youth Facilities = Rate of youth player CA improvement

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