The Spartan Way – A Tactical Identity Journey

This is a piece written by guest author LPQR who is quickly becoming one of my favourite FM writers. His content is high quality and very informative. Give him a follow on Twitter at the above link. You can also check out his blog which is very much a work in progress at the moment Continue reading The Spartan Way – A Tactical Identity Journey

Football Bastard 2018 and the Necrophiliac

The notorious Ant Mac is back with his latest exploits in chapter three of his story.

Before you read this, I should point out that some people might find this highly offensive both in terms of the language used and the images. So if you are easily offended or don’t like explicit graphical content then you really should avoid this FM story and click off the page now due to the content being offensive along with offensive images.

This is written by guest author @AcidBurnTNA and is a glimpse into the back story behind his Football Manager 2017 character. It’s different to anything else you’ll have read about Football Manager I’ll guarantee you that. Be sure to give him a follow on his twitter account above if you have questions or enjoyed his story. Continue reading Football Bastard 2018 and the Necrophiliac

Sheffield FC – New Beginnings

It’s been a shit few weeks in terms of Football Manager saves for me, first I lost my Santos save due to hardware failure and me not having any back ups elsewhere. Secondly I started a new game with Sheffield F.C and got about twelve games into it then realised the game had reset my database size and changes it to small when creating the game, something I didn’t realise at the time. So I’ve had to start it yet again! I’ve kind of lost all interest again with the game but I’m hoping this save with the World’s Oldest football club will get me back into it. Continue reading Sheffield FC – New Beginnings