WWF 1987 – The Beginning

This won’t appeal to a lot of you, but none the less, I know it will appeal to a few. I play lots of games and one of them I’m currently playing in Total Extreme Wrestling 2016. If it’s not your thing, then just ignore these pieces :). I’ve decided to write about it and do the off piece about it as I play. This will help me keep track of all my shows, my roster and definitely help with storylines. All of this is fantasy booking and not real! It’s using TEW 16 and the Genadi 1987 mod (once it’s released in the next few days). Continue reading WWF 1987 – The Beginning

My First FM Book – Belmondo Year One

Over the past six or so months you will have seen the popular story by Matt Langdon – The Belmondo Diaries.  It’s become quite popular over time and has well over 150k views on the blog.  Well now, you can purchase year one of the Belmondo Diary!!

Continue reading My First FM Book – Belmondo Year One